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  1. Hi Computerguy,


    I am in Paseo Jacarandas in Upper Chula Vista and I am wondering  what is the maximum internet one can have in this neighbourhood with Ilox , Do you help set up as well with Google Wifi mesh? 


  2. One must be very careful these days to check, when ordering, exactly where the items are coming from. I ordered a front for my cell phone from eBay Mexico, specifically avoiding Amazon US and eBay US, to ensure it was coming from within Mexico, and only found out later that it was actually coming from the U.S., and it took over a month. I learned my lesson.
  3. Don't be an :(). People who now park on the streets, for pete's sake.
  4. One would think that to be the case, but I have a lot of older customers who will never be able to come to grips with things like that.
  5. WalMart has it. Soriana has it.
  6. The Belfer Center is a rightist outfit that has been criticized often for conflict of interest in its relations with other groups, due to its directors. That aside, it is well written, but it fails to impress me because it starts by basically saying that just because experts agree, we should always question them regardless of their veracity. (edited by mod to remove yet another "blatant" politicizing of a topic. Warning sent.)
  7. People keep saying you can buy masks online, so I went onto Amazon.com.mx to check. There are NO N95 masks for sale. If you read the reviews for the small variety of masks, you soon discover that they are all crap. Usually too small, or the elastic breaks, or you don't get what you ordered. Any masks that looked like they might be worthwhile had no reviews, and there is no point risking ordering those. Mercadolibre does have them, and some of the reviews are good, but as with Amazon, many have no reviews, and that is dangerous. There are a couple of guys with a table beside Tony's who are selling masks, gloves, and antibac gel and soap. Their thin masks (at 5p) are pretty poor, although they are enough. Their N95s (the type with a metal band, but no valve) are $125p each, which is ludicrous. I own one that I got for spraying trees at a farmacia for 15p before this all started. their gel is also way overpriced at $125p. Supply and demand.
  8. One, it will have no effect. It is too long, for one thing. No one reads past the first two lines anymore. Especially in this kind of situation. Two, Pedro was absolutely correct in his statement, but you have turned it into a personal affront instead of a complaint. So thanks to you, they won't pay any attention to it anyway, even if they read it all. Third, it was not your place to include his name in an action like that without his approval. You should have given that a bit more thought, I think.
  9. Since the municipality and the State together have apparently decided that there will be no parking on either side of the carretera between Chapala and Jocotepec, you are going to see a helluva lot more requests like this.
  10. You know, Pedro and I have locked horns many times over the years. But he is only providing his name because of the constant belittling by "certain" members of this Board who regularly complain that posters hide behind their avatar names. I have to applaud him for that. I cannot applaud him, however, for selecting that gross happyjillin username as his comeback.
  11. The word is ribera, and it means (loosely) riverside. Use of the "v" here is a Mexican colloquialism or a misunderstanding based on the languages use of "b" and "v" ( as in "b vaca" and "b baby").
  12. I can offer some help, but I have to tell you it is not possible to change a Spanish keyboard to English. Not physically. You can tell Windows to think the keyboard is in English, but you will have to deal with learning where certain keys are actually located, such as the plus and minus, the dash and underscore, the question mark and exclamation point, and most likely the @ symbol. Alternatively, you can plug in a USb-enabled standalone English keyboard, if you can find one here (sometimes yes, sometimes no), but then of course that changes the whole reason for having a laptop. Now, a question: is Windows itself in English or Spanish? Cause that's a whole different story. Contact me at 765-4156 if you would like more information.
  13. We would have to notify so many restaurants, it would be a full-time job. Besides, who's to say if my tastebuds are good enough to do something like that? Talking to the owner or manager, as we have on more than one occasion, should be enough. Every good business owner knows that one complaint heard is the same as 10 complaints not made.
  14. Luckily for us, there is the China Inn in Joco, which serves really good Chinese dishes (and pretty poor sushi). Unluckily, if the deliver, it won't be here in Riberas. I don't know if anyone could drive there for to-go... what do you tell the checkpoint officers? It's life or death?
  15. Tuesday morning: is the Internet back on in those areas? I know Chula Vista is.
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