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  1. See that was the info, or lack there of that I was dealing with.... We followed the administrator there, better than floundering. Thanks to everyone who offered their help.
  2. I looked this up on map and it is a regular house. Is there something I should know regarding this Notary Address/is anyone familiar with it?
  3. Someone responded to this thread, thus I think I have rehomed the CPAP machine!
  4. Correct, who here is desperate for a CPAP machine that does not otherwise have the means to get one. No insurance etc. Perfect working condition. Honor system. I am assuming this is for you, not to make money off of!!!!! Husband was upgraded to another united compliments of his insurance!
  5. We will head out very early in the morning from Lake Chapala... That is the only way we can be assured of arriving at the border before dark. Leaving on the 27th!
  6. Update... no longer need loaner cone... I see on Amazon the truck is moving 5 stops away. Amazon is worth every peso/dollar! It has been stalled at 5 stops away, only in Mexico would the delivery guy be stopped that long... hmmm rest? Sleeping? ja ja ja
  7. Anyone who does not have medical insurance, and is badly in need of a CPAP machine, please message me!
  8. We have two for sale/location Upper Ajijic Mountainside In perfect working condition. Selling as we are moving. Shaw cable boxes: HDDSSR 6OO with remote HDPVR 630 with remote Shaw service not included.
  9. Yeah the rain plus other factors like yeast (for my dog) are the perfect paw storm. I plan to do a Yeast Protocol and other diet changes after our move.
  10. Ferret, that is a great idea, but I just gave away (donated) my machine.
  11. He has a wider neck than me and my travel pillow is kinda tight, but will test it out. That is a good idea. 65 pound Portuguese Water Dog. They are very sneaky, and wait till you are not looking.
  12. I do not want him licking back paws while they heal, have spray solution on them. He was on an antibiotic, and then the rains came... triggering a yeast issue with paws. I am about to head NOB, and then I will switch him over to starch free raw feeding, and do a "Yeasty Beast Protocol" (from Adored Beast Apothecary online). The vet here gave a spray to use, and hopefully that will help him, if he can just leave the paws alone. He is sneaky... waits till we are not looking or are sleeping!
  13. I think I will roll up bubble wrap plastic instead. it feels lighter?
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