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  1. I think you are correct, GDL is their intended market, and they will sell.
  2. What's hard to understand is why posters bring quotes from those admittedly far left/anti religion mainstream news sources....and they never seem to learn that of course, we are going to check them out!!
  3. A recent Danish study found that a fully vaccinated individual in an Omicron-infected household was about as susceptible to get infected as an unvaccinated individual. Boosted individuals were about half as susceptible. That’s substantially worse than what the vaccines could do against Delta, where they provided a 57 percent drop in susceptibility even without a booster. The study indicated that among the unvaccinated, Omicron spreads only somewhat more easily than Delta. It was among the vaccinated that the variant made the largest headway, leading the researchers to suggest the virus has evolved in a way to dodge the vaccine-induced immunity.
  4. FYI, I am not sure many here understand how to use Google from the questions that keep popping up. May only be something for us higher I.Q. gifted people.
  5. They seem to be giving it to the right people, not everyone. But, still nothing about will it only be effective for 6 months. No one saying we won't be giving boosters every 6 months. That is what I want to see. Until then, ....
  6. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/covid-testing-centers/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=cb061cf72f-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-cb061cf72f-350176874 Demand for COVID-19 tests has increased in numerous states as the number of active cases across the country continues to climb rapidly. The newspaper Reforma reported Tuesday that people have flocked to testing centers in Sonora, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, Baja California, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Tabasco, Coahuila, Yucatán, Aguascalientes, Quintana Roo, Querétaro, Jalisco, Veracruz and Mexico City. The increased demand for testing came as the Health Ministry reported the highest number of daily cases since September 8 on Tuesday.
  7. So, are we now getting set up to "booster" the entire World every 6 months, as the effectiveness of these vaccines wanes? Just wondering how that will play out.
  8. Do those requirements include Illegals who enter the country, or just your regular entries? Asking for a friend.
  9. Respiratory viruses will NEVER be Eradicated. When we accept that, we can concentrate on treatments and move forward with our lives. Until then, just pissin' in the wind.
  10. It is way past time that people admit the truth to what thousands of scientists and doctors have been saying since the very "get go" of this vaccine search: namely this respiratory virus will NEVER be eradicated. Sadly, they have been labeled as "kooks or conspiracists" by the MSM. They offer PRIME EVIDENCE; the Flu virus is still alive and well with new variants every year, for how many years now since a vaccine was developed? They encourage the most vulnerable to get it every Flu season (vaccine lasts only 6 months and changes every year to handle the new variants) and now we have (after all these years and millions of lost lives) much better ways to treat it if you get a severe case. Eradication:? NEVER. So, what does that Flu Vaccine actually help with, since it is only about 52.5 % effective against contacting the actual seasonal Flu? The vaccine offers some protection to those who actually get the Flu by usually making the effects of the Flu much milder and less life threatening, which is a "positive" for those people at greater risk. It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to see that the vaccines for the Flu and Covid do basically the same things: offer protection from severe cases to those who get the vaccine, but neither will offer 100% protection, NEVER. Those in need of both vaccines are those at "high risk"; not strong , healthy, people whose immune system can handle either situation. We have survived all these years with about 50% of the population taking annual Flu vaccines, and the rest not. Some who are at risk every year refuse to take the vaccine and some die because they had other conditions that their bodies could not handle all the stress added to it. But, Many at high risk are spared severe cases of the Flu. The secret to moving forward is in developing Successful Treatments for those who actually get the Covid virus (not in continually trying to "eradicate" it), because it will never be eradicated (that should be very clear by now to all). That has allowed us to move forward with the Flu virus. THAT is the secret to moving past this FEAR that has engulfed so many and divided people and families. Hopefully, we will someday get leadership that will care about all lives and we can move forward with our lives.
  11. They will not answer because they cannot. They know that you "gotcha" them.
  12. They are AFRAID they are going to DIE from the VIRUS. Simple. FEAR has destroyed any common sense they had left. There is no turning back with them. They will live in FEAR until they die, as the virus will always be with us, just like the Flu Virus.
  13. Welcome to Mexico. In time you will get "street smarts". Find an old "gringo" that has lived here a long time.
  14. 23.84 pesos per USD? I seriously doubt that. How many pesos did you get for the 2,500 USD? That will tell you the transfer rate, not the cost for transferring.
  15. And exactly what was that very favorable rate?
  16. Someone did not do their homework.
  17. Tomorrow is the day to buy, not today. Ha !
  18. I don't think it will happen after the same people will be re-appointed. Get it while you can.
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