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  1. Exactly ! There are three ways you could be hit with fees when using your debit card overseas. First, your bank could charge you a fee for using an out-of-network ATM — both at home and at ATMs abroad. Second, the bank that owns the ATM could tack on additional fees. Finally, you can be charged foreign transaction fees at the ATM, just as you can when making credit card purchases.
  2. This is not the place to suggest that. No one here has any authority over that.
  3. One would think that those who live here understand about that traffic and the drive there. They are old enough to make their own decisions. Seems to me that trying to impose your standards on others is not cool.
  4. Evidently it was not OK with one neighbor.
  5. Easy enough to tell, if no hanging placard, not qualified to use the space. All with serious need will qualify.
  6. Such a common problem in all of Mexico. In over 20 years, I have never seen any enforcement to solve this problem. Once, I saw a cop shake his finger at a young woman that had parked in one. She just ignored him, and he did nothing. When it comes to parking in Mexico, it is dog eat dog.
  7. What issues? Only 1 person has mentioned a personal bad experience and several first hand positive experiences. No he said, she said crap here.
  8. Just wondering what areas you found on you previous visits Lakeside? If you plan to live here for 12 months, surely you have make at least 2-3 visits to check out the area. Once you settle in on a 12 month lease, you are "stuck", so do your "due diligence" beforehand, as this is not Kansas.
  9. You are definitely getting information about the "clowns" here and those people who have no purpose in their lives except to derail OPs. It is what it is here.
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