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  1. You are definitely getting information about the "clowns" here and those people who have no purpose in their lives except to derail OPs. It is what it is here.
  2. No one made you the "expert" here, why not let people make their own list, since your input was not asked for. The OP is intelligent, don't show her disrespect.
  3. What a rude replay ! Why not "butt out" about where others live and only reply to facts about where you live.
  4. Same as Mostly, but been doing it since 1997. Never a problem, and we never use toll roads until Saltillo By-Pass.
  5. Depends on how much electric you use in those months and how much you used in the other months.Easy enough to monitor and check your usage.
  6. They do no guarantee you need to read carefully what it says. It says "up to 50 mb, so 19 is actually "up to 50". You got what they said they would give. Not their fault you can read.
  7. Yep ! Especially f you need the medicine for more than 10 days it can get Very expensive.
  8. According to the Mexican Emblem, Flag and Hymn law, burning the flag is the correct way to dispose of a damaged or old flag but it should be done with respect. If it is not done respectfully or it's not a damaged flag, burning it will get you fined with the equivalent of 250 days of minimum wage (around $1,000 USD)and can get you 35 days of jail time. Suggest you let someone show you how to use "google", it really is VERY simple. I just "googled" this "how to dispose of an old Mexican flag" and guess what I found?
  9. My guess is he can spell as well as many on this Forum, but he chose his own version just to rattle the chains of those hung up on spelling. Just another way to get some more Feed. YMMD
  10. I think there is another type besides the "Trolls". There are certain people who get as much pleasure as the "Trolls" by continuing to "feed the Trolls". No matter what you tell them, they just keep on every time a "Troll" posts. You can see who they are here, just as you can see the "trolls". These "Feeders" get too much pleasure to stop, just like the "Trolls". Both groups live for their opportunities here.
  11. Hopefully they will start asking what meds we are currently taking and enter that on their App to check for interactions.. So far, we have only been asked once at Lakeside. I have noticed that NOB by all doctors we see. YMMD
  12. You may be looking for an Internist ? What ever you do, if given meds, be sure you check in the Internet to see if Europe, Canada and the US have banned those drugs because of high deaths before you take them. Also, if currently taking meds, often you may be given new meds that could put you at risk if taken with your current meds. Both situations have happened here to both me and my wife. Once from a dentist. Only once have we been asked what meds we currently take by a doctor here. That is why for anything serious, we travel NOB. YMMD
  13. The only thing is that getting the main man sometimes takes a little longer, but I have always thought it was worth the short wait.
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