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  1. I think in this case the phrase "show up" means different things. Hensley is saying they don't show up for service calls. bmh and NJExpat are saying the monitoring service reacts well in case of an alarm.
  2. Juan Pablo at Home Services. On time, on budget, very high quality work. Home Services is just East of SuperLake.
  3. Computer Guy said, "Oh, they do their job, but that is about it: no besdie manner at all." Is that some Canadian speak for a waiter's skill?
  4. It seems there are more snowbirds and newbies here this year. This is the season that the restaurant make enough to survive the slow time.
  5. People I know that have "Gringo" houses; e.g. fridge, Washer/dryer, Sat TV, 2 TVs, water pump, 2 computers/printers, garage or gate opener, hair dryer, bar fridge, etc. pay 1500 Pesos per month or more. My bill was approching $3500 Pesos/two month when I installed Solar electric. Today it would be over $4000 Pesos. That was for 7-800Kwhr/2 months. I won't give anyone coming here a low figure on CFE bills. They're TOO rare.
  6. You don't know loud until your're in a restaurant in Asia near a table of Australians!
  7. Imagenologia in Plaza Interlago (behind the Pemex on the Libramiento). Right here locally!
  8. You can get a Factura for ANYTHING you purchase. it's the Law. Golf carts have Serial Numbers, same as a VIN. ANY road legal vehicle can be registered and get plates. e.g. Quads.
  9. My Telcel plan is International Unlimited. Actually it is limited to USA/Canada/Mexico but it costs only $199 Pesos per month!
  10. I've heard that the Bosch is the best tankless. We have a Calorex w/ a small tank and a pilot. The small tank provides instant hot water and fires the heater which is able to keep up with the demand and provides constant temp. We use it as a backup to our Solar heater. Normally our Solar heater meets the need. We actually have two, one for the "house" and one for the master bath.
  11. OK, you're free to do so. My problem was a congenital defect, impossible to fix w/o surgery. It was found via x-ray and MRI. Thorough diaganosics will tell if one needs surgery or can be dealt with via chiropractic. W/O good diagnostics any Chiro manipulation is just fiddling in the dark.
  12. Get x-rays and an MRI and see an orthopedic surgeon! Don't let a chiropractor fiddle with your back! Been there, done that.
  13. Sorry, I knew it was one or the other!
  14. We travelled a few months ago, same form we've had for a few years. e.g. no RP box to check, two part form, give big (top) part on departure, surrender small part upon return.
  15. ....and Shaw doesn't care what your billing address is. USA billing address is OK.
  16. Do NOT share! If you get caught your equipment will become useless, for both of you! Have your own account.
  17. Sorry, I don't know details of limited plans. Best to ask Telcel!
  18. In the USA when calling any phone simply enter the 10 digit number. Calling to Mexico from the USA enter 011-52-+ the 10 digit number. When calling to a cell phone you must add 1 after the 52.
  19. Not a kitchen question. However, I think your SIM will work fine in the USA/CAN provided there's sufficient balance on it to pay the charges. EDIT We have moved the topic per your request. Moderator 5
  20. The answer is that they have more solar panels and their system is producing more power than yours.
  21. The number of panels one has is meaningless unless you know the output of one panel. Years back they were all 128W, then 256W, now I understand they are over 300W. I have 20 panels each 128W or 2.56KW total. Know the total out put of your system and use that number to describe it. Number of panels is useless information.
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