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  1. Whatever the up-charge it certainly beats what we were paying NOB>
  2. We purchased our home without a realtor and the cost was 2.3% of the selling price plus $400 USD representing 1/2 of the attorney fees... For ball park figuring with a realtor figure 10% of the selling price...
  3. Do you know where Grady Allen was buried? TIA

  4. After a 2 year hiatis we returned to Ajijic... Things are much quieter than when we left...The loud music from the local events establishment is muted and only the tequila lubricated impresario’s voice rings through...
  5. Suggest a month due dilligent trip to answer your questions...The two big deal killers IMO are traffic and noise... Jim Bowie is spot on... You need boots on the ground and time to discover your perfect location...
  6. Jose recently did an install of a railing on our veranda... Excellent work and at a very fair price...
  7. We recently ate there and found the food OK but not worth the price paid... We sat on the patio which was a fly catcher so that may have tainted our thoughts... We normally give a place two tries before adding them to our list eating establishments we recommed to people we don't particularly like...
  8. I would think that sales locally may drop some. but since financing interest rates have little /no effect on cash sales.
  9. Excellent condition... 54" round pedestal table with 6 upholstered and leather chairs... Asking $600 USD... If you are looking for an upscale dining set, you should check this out...
  10. "Build it and they will come".... Only works in the movies....
  11. On any project if one does not have all project monies identified before starting and a 15% cost overrun included, don't start!
  12. As of 2019 a health certificate is not required... A current rabis certificate is required. Having crossed the border by vehicle with 2 dogs numerous times, we have never been asked for any paperwork... Flying in is another matter... Best have your friend check on the web for official info...
  13. We have TelMex fiber in Rancho del Oro... Last month we were out 22 days...The problem was a broken fiber optic cable that was buried... I can't see how that happened but since this was the third "fix it" for the fiber we opted to pick up Total Play... While we now have constant internet we still get buffering at 4:30 each day on Fox News...
  14. Children , please play nice... Or mother will wash your computer in Fels Naphta....
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