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  1. Total Play anyone?? After suffering 30 days of outage by TelMex, we added Total Play so that we have redundancy... It doubles the internet cost but no more outages...
  2. Mortgages here in Mexico normally require setting up a trust... Most lenders focus on beach areas where the buyer may rent out their home during the year... The charges and interest rates only make sence if the property is rented out... You might try googling Mexico mortgages... You will find a lot of info...
  3. Just had my car washed yesterday afternoon... A guaranteed sprinkle at 6pm...
  4. We bought TP as a backup to TelMex... which has a less than spectacular reputation... We use it for wireless, Vonage and firestick... No problems yet...
  5. Notary #5 retired and his son is now handling his business. I recently used him for some documents. His phone number is 331 528 4176 or 376 766 3997. Secretary is Alma... . His office is located across the street from Mom's Cafe on the second floor.
  6. Oscar does great work... We have had him reupholster wing back chairs, sofas, and others...Quality workmanship!!!
  7. Saul does a great job on windows!!!
  8. For a small pitance, S&S will handle the entire transaction for you... They can tell you exactly what is required and handle all the paperwork for you... A great service for any newcomer.
  9. Do you think paying people more will improve service?
  10. End of Story... Does anyone see Chapala listed above..?
  11. I have not had an outage since I purchased Total Play as backup to TelMex...Redundancy is a practical solution to poor service...
  12. We totally recommend Oscar for the work he did for us previously...He does make house call...
  13. I am sure that you will find the weather here a large bonus...Your life style will most likely improve as the cost of living is reasonable... We are Ajijic returnees having lived here for four years and then returning to the US... We came back for the weather and a better life style... I would recommend spending a number of months here and check out the various communities... As mentioned above, Tom Barsanti is an excellent person to speak with buying a house or not... You will find that things are a bit different here but if you are open minded, have a sense of humor, and not time driven, you will find it most wonderful place to live...
  14. Information provided above is spot on... Easy but time of return will vary... It took about 4 weeks for mine to come back... FYI: The FedEx office in Ajijic does not sell the return labels... I used I mail and that worked...
  15. I need to have my signature witnessed by a Notary... This is for an insurance policy and has nothing to do with Mexican law... I was quoted by Notario 3 that the cost would be $1600 USD for 20 signatures... This is 60% more than the embassy charges... An on-line notary is not acceptable in this case.. Can anyone recommend a more frugal solution or recommend another Notario... Notario #5 who we have used in the past has retired... Gracias...
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