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  1. My husband and I are planning to drive to Lake Chapala from northern California. We are seeking input from folks who have recently driven to Lake Chapala from the US. Our first choice is to cross the border from Arizona into Nogales, although this makes for a longer drive through Mexico to Lake Chapala. Our second choice is to cross just west of Laredo, TX, at Colombia. This makes for a much longer drive on the US side, while providing the shortest and most direct route through Mexico to Lake Chapala. Can you tell me what your experience has been crossing either at Nogales or Colombia, and what your advice would be, with a special focus on safety. Thanks in advance for your insight.
  2. Wow - thank you so much @dorisb for this detailed list - this is really helpful! You have definitely gone above and beyond and it is much appreciated! And thanks to everyone for responding to my inquiry!
  3. Do any restaurants or other establishments allow one to use credit cards in Ajijic/Lakeside now? While visiting in 2014 I was unable to use them at all. I realize not all establishments will accept them. I'm on my way down and am looking for current information regarding which, if any, establishments in the area now accept major credit cards. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I pay extra for the international plan that provides tethering. Thanks.
  5. @RVGRINGO Thank you - based on the comments here it sounds like Telecable does not have the service limitations I hear Telmex does, at least at the present time. Appreciate your response!
  6. @TelsZ4 Thanks for the update. Can you tell me whether Telecable has its own wiring or does it rely on the Telmex wiring? Thanks!
  7. Have any of you used T-Mobile roaming in the Lakeside area? If so, have you used your phone as a hotspot for Internet connectivity, and how happy are you with cell coverage and connectivity speed? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for everyone's responses. Is there another service provider who can provide internet connectivity?
  9. I was unaware of this issue of "no phone numbers or Internet connections available in Ajijic". May I ask how long you have been waiting, and how long you expect to be waiting?
  10. Thanks! I should find out soon whether the house had previous telephone service.
  11. Worst case scenario, if a landline is not in existence, would this generally take weeks or months to install? Thanks for your input @Al Berca.
  12. Reaching out to find out if any of you have ever had a home wired for internet connectivity in Ajijic and/or Chapala? Can you tell me how long it generally takes for the service provider (Telmex?) to come out and do the work? Is it weeks? months? Thanks in advance for your input!
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