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  1. Thanks for the link - I couldn't find it.
  2. We're flying on Volaris and intend to carryon our CPAP machines. Volaris doesn't allow electronic equipment to be carried on. Does anyone have experience with this? Do they require CPAPs to be checked baggage instead of carry on?
  3. When we bought our home, we called our insurance agent to get homeowners insurance. He asked me “why?” He said that homes here, being built they way they are, don’t need insurance. I thought this is strange (especially from an insurance agent) and wanted to ask: Do you have homeowners’ insurance on your home? If so, what coverage?
  4. Another thing to consider in costs is which hospital you go to. We self-fund our medical care and took a huge hit at Hospital San Javier a few weeks back. My wife had a single stent installed on an emergency basis. Our doctor estimated the cost to be $200,000MX. The surgeon estimated the cost to be $300,000MX. Hospital San Javier charged us $555,202MX. Our doctor and surgeon both expressed shock and worked with the hospital but that only reduced our bill to $480,000MX. My wife was in the hospital one night (she was admitted at 6pm and was discharged at 2pm the next afternoon). Be prepared. Know in advance which hospitals you want to use. Hospital San Javier will never be on our list!
  5. Email Paulo. He is a pharmacist that finds medications for us in Guadalajara. (He delivers and has decent prices.) sanpaulopharmacy@gmail.com
  6. This is an years old number from before he started his own company. Current info is attached.
  7. I was quoted $10,000MX to have a treadmill/stress test performed (I don't have cardiac issues, just being careful). I declined the opportunity. Looking for recommendations for a local cardiologist to perform a treadmill/stress test (with recent cost if known). Thanks!
  8. I went into iShop (SAT) and tried to ship two small necklaces to my daughter in the US and was told they wouldn't get through customs. I was told stones, silver, gold and some other metals can't be shipped. Are these actual restrictions or is customs that corrupt? Any suggestions on how to get these gifts to my daughter? These aren't expensive necklaces.
  9. Do you know if he speaks English?
  10. I'll do some research and let you know what I find out.
  11. HI Mainecoons - I'd be interested in sharing a tuner if nothing has been done so far. Getting tired of hitting those off keys!
  12. Two months ago we had our Chickering restored by Erneztto Infantte Pianos in Guad. Ernesto knows pianos and did a beautiful job. We were going to have him out in about a month to tune us up. I'd be interested in what everyone else decides to do or if you know Ernesto. Ernesto with Erneztto infantte pianos infantepianos@hotmail.com +52 33 2215 9393
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