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  1. Thank you. Even easier if I do it that way--your way-- and just send it off to an Apostille. Saves me the hassle of going to the consulate in Miami.
  2. I am in the US now and trying to get a Mexican Power of Attorney, Poder Notarial, notarized here at the Mexican consulate in Miami. The Mexican attorney/notario in Ajijic sent me the "power of attorney" in English. It is NOT titled Power of Attorney, it begins with "To Whom it May Concern" then it lists my name, etc etc. granting 2 named individuals in Mexico the power to administer the sale of my house in Mexico, and specifically identifies my house and vehicle in legal (English) language. I checked 2x with the realtor about this, and she checked with the notario/lawyer there. First, they said the English version is okay, they will later translate in their office the sealed/notarized English copy to Spanish. Second, it seems odd that there is no title other than "To Whom it May Concern," but maybe this is the way it is done in Mexico for specifics events, as this is not a full PoA. Hate to make that trip to the consulate just to find out this is all wrong.
  3. Well, I've been asking for names and have been given only 2 possibles, both Mexicans.
  4. Thanks, everyone. Yes, just learned that the Orlando consulate will definitely notarize the Mexican notario's POA. Yay.
  5. Thank you. I am only 1 hour away from a Mexican Consulate in Orlando, and I think the Mexican notario can do the Mexican Power of Attorney and I can get it notarized at in Orlando. I will check with the Mexican notario.
  6. I'm sure I'm not the first to experience this--I need to sign the Closing docs and Deed on our Mexican home, but I am not there. I'm stuck in the US with health issues, my own and other family members. Is it true I MUST physically return to Mexico to sign the papers? I was told I can have a Mexican Power of Attorney (giving PoA to my spouse, who is still in Mexico) done by a notario, but there aren't any notarios in the US. My husband does not want to FedEx the papers to me, in case they get lost or I make a mistake in signing. I was thinking I could do an "e-sign", but not sure if that holds for Mexico. I do know when I sold my US home I e-signed everything from Mexico. Thanks for any info or suggestions.
  7. Thanks--far better idea! I was told the taxi drivers are NOT being allowed to cross due to Covid. Is this false?
  8. Has anyone done this? I drove by once and caught a glance, people wheeling luggage up a sidewalk into what appeared to be a tunnel-like structure. --Is there a separate/express line for US citizens, with or without extra $$, like the CBX crossing in San Diego? --I am desperate in trying to transport 2 cats in large 16x24 plastic crates into Laredo, where I can get a rental car and continue onwards. Would it work if I used a hand cart like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002TITK8O/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A2L77EE7U53NWQ&psc=1 and stacked and secured the 2 crates with bungee cords? I will be pushing it myself across the border...I'm assuming it's paved and smooth.
  9. Can't a Mexican national cross the border at Nuevo Laredo into Laredo, as long as they don't go any further than Laredo? I thought there was some kind of international 'trade zone" between the 2 countries. Also, I thought there were Mexicans who had decals/paperwork that allowed them to cross daily from one country to another. Aren't there professional drivers who are allowed to do so? I am trying to think of a way to get 2 large cats, each weighing about 20 pounds and in big plastic carriers, across the border from Mexico to the USA. If the Mexican car driver has to leave me at the bridge, that would work (wouldn't like it, but right now beggars can't be choosers), as long as I have some way to wheel the 2 cats, in their kennels, across the bridge. Seriously, I am thinking of buying a dolly/hand truck or a kid's red wagon. Ideas, anyone?
  10. We are on La Paz and the "fast" TelMex cable was installed summer/fall 2019. It is something like a high-speed DSL hybrid, as best as my non-techie interpretation stands (not true fiber-optic) and it was done all over SAT. I am on the minimum, basic 389 pesos per month, which gives me unlimited speeds up to 10 mbps (when I first moved to SAT several years ago it was around 1-2 mbps, just enough to stream Nflix). However, in the past year I have done a lot of speedtests and I am getting up to 29 mbps, usually averaging somewhere around 12-24 mbps.
  11. Title says it all. I understand there is a 'buffer zone' into US where Mexicans with Mexican plated cars can travel as far as Laredo without needing Visa, etc. At least it was that way a few years ago. I need a driver to take me and my 2 cats (in plastic kennel carriers) across the border into Laredo, where I can catch a taxi to the Laredo airport and pick up a rental car to continue my journey. Doable?
  12. The virus resurfaces because it is imported from elsewhere, with individual carriers who haven't been wearing masks. I'm talking about a global level of mask wearing. The algorithms are available online, if you look. The biggest hope is that this virus is weakening. Scientifically speaking, coronoaviruses like this one usually start in bats (or maybe, pangolins). They then spread to a wild animal, such as a wild cat or fox that eats an infected bat that has had contact with a rabbit. The cat or fox catches the coronavirus, but the virus is weakened somewhat. Then, the fox or wild cat passes the virus onto another mammal, eventually reaching us humans in a weak and mutated state. It is the coronaviruses that skip the mammalian chain--not giving it time to mutate--that pose the greatest threats. As time goes on this virus should be mutating among the human population, and it appears to be doing so. In the meantime the AstraZeneca (ticker AZN) vaccine (Oxford vaccine out of the UK) is in its 3rd and final trial, ending around August 20/21st. AZN's partner manufacturing facility in India has already processed millions of vials of this vaccine, on the assumption that the final trial results will be successful. The UK and USA have each contracted 80 and 300 million vials, respectively, with anticipated distribution in mid-September through October.
  13. I'm in Miami now (hotspot out-of-control) and it's the same here. Makes me SO angry--can't use the excuse the 'masks are too hot" as there is a/c everywhere! Really, how difficult is it to wear a mask? If 90% of the population around the globe wore a mask for 3 short weeks when out in public this virus would be gone from the planet. 3 short weeks! Such a contrast in thinking in Mexico, even among the Mexicans: our gardener and his assistant wear their masks religiously, even when they are working outdoors in our garden. But our housekeeper, who lives in a small, crowded home with 9? other family members, will not wear a mask in our home. Glad I'm not there.
  14. My vehicle is overdue for getting a new registration sticker. Actually, the sticker i have now is over 2 years old. Last time I registered was over a year ago and at the time there were no stickers, I was told to return in 3 months. Did so, and still, no registration stickers. Tried one more time, gave up. IS there someone who does these kinds of errands? I pay them 200, 300 pesos, whatever it is, for them to go to the DMV equivalent in Chapala and re-register my car for me (and hopefully get that elusive registration sticker). Are they even giving the stickers out anymore? And no, I am not talking about the emissions sticker.
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