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  1. I use my Capitol One 360 Debit Card ( by Visa) as my ATM card. I only use it for ATM withdrawals, although it could be used as any other ordinary debit card. Sorry for making a simple question so taxing for everyone.
  2. That is true and I knew that. However, people are still getting various exchange rates, which I am interested in hearing.
  3. I know all that, which is why I asked for what people are getting for their ATM rates !
  4. I have had door locks where they change the combination ( much cheaprer than replacing the lock) and as a result you need a new key made to open it. Aragon did that for me.
  5. Not the way he placed them, trust me.
  6. I know XE.com com says today about 17.66 but what rates are people actually receiving from their ATM withdrawals? Thanks.
  7. OK, back to the actual article ......whoever said in the parentheses that (taking the driving test "is a fairly simple procedure") is either lying or on the receiving end of the mordidas for all those you had to pay to pass because parking behind two small invisable cones is NOT " a fairly simple procedure". I could not pass that at 59 and have never had an incident in 12 yrs of driving down here and elsewhere !
  8. Unfortunately that seems to be a frequent trend here for both pool maintenance and gardeners. They work well for a bit and then get very complacent. Can't recommend a good one, but can tell you to stay away from a guy named Chuy for the very reason you stated above.
  9. I second Aragon in Chapala, probably the best Lakeside! They are very responsible, bring key machine right to your home, etc !
  10. I find the offerings on Firestick do a poor job of offering live TV except for the news. Lots of old junk on other TV networks added like Tubi, Plex, Pluto, etc. I am very disappointed in the Firestick offerings.
  11. I think you got hosed for not having MXN plates.
  12. There is also a good one directly next door (west) to ViLuMa and just as good, might be a little less expensive --- Vidros Kivi, 376-766-3657. They put in a picture window for me 2 yrs ago and did a nice job and promptly.
  13. The poor quality of water in Lower Riberas is a major issue of concern. I lived in Riberas about 10 yrs ago and had to clean my muddy water filters every month, even with bleach. Don't know if it has improved much since then. I will leave that up to others living there now to reply. I don't think quality of builders or construction has anything to do with the quality of the water there !!!!
  14. I, too,switched from Bellon to Parker after a nasty experience with Bellon about 7 yrs ago. Bellon pulled a bait and switch on me after I nationalized my car and I said forget them. They would not give me any refund on a policy if it is older than 90 days. I used Jesus Tejada with AXA the first two years I lived here ( 12 yrs ago) and found him to be rather expensive, and prefer a local agent. Locally, I would still go with Parker and ask them to give you quotes from HDI and Qualitas for the same coverage. Have always heard good things about Qualitas service when you need them, but have nothing to go on regarding HDI service (which I currently have) !
  15. She is on the service road (lakeside) between Dental Express and the Blue Rose Restaurant in W. Ajijic
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