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  1. These are photovoltaic cells and are a chemical composition Question to ask and you will not get an answer is How much do they degrade over time
  2. why not meet me at Manix and I will buy you a drink

    We can have a man to man discussion of this issue

  3. I highly do NOT recommend Chapala Management and Concierge
  4. I took at leasr 6 different people to IMSS. Almost impossible to get into IMSS here
  5. Viva Mexico A 10 minute drive to San Juan Cosala Still the best Mexican cuisine at lakeside. Also a touch of gourmet
  6. thanks for your reply

    Other replies:I threw out some bait and it was entertaining to see the responses

  7. What is your cost per visit??

  8. If you are still looking, I have a home in Riberas, $800 mo.  I had tenants up till April 1 and am looking toe rent again.  You can reach me at 106 2137 or pm me.



  9. how many bedrooms, how many baths?

  10. I also use Escalera Certified mechanics The person who posted Escalera was sold is wrong. Same ownership For difficult repairs they are the BEST
  11. Did anyone lose any jewelry at new years eve POT Luck in the raquet club
  12. There are more people using the pool and playing tennis that do not live in RC than do live in RC. It is a "SHARE the WEALTH" community
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