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  1. Please do not use my name ned or my friend Pedro's name in vain on another local board in reference to a violent whacko there. I have never been on that board and my friend hasn't been on this one nor that one in years and neither of us are prone to violence and border promotions. You will never make it as an investigator but rumour mongering seems to be your forte. Perhaps you should change your user name to include 'DARK' instead of sunshiney.

  2. I just send Delgollado this snip:

    As for your endorsement of a government that took over two years to begin solving the trash mess, that increased the city hall payroll by 50 percent, that was roundly censured by a large group of parents whose children were molested for trying to cover things up, that has been censured repeatedly by the state government for hiding public information, that a recall attempt with thousands of signatures was filed against it by local Mexicans, that spent millions on the Bridge to Jesus and left the Chapala waterfront with a class A eyesore, that has repeatedly violated court orders to stop that high rise in La Floresta, that had its bank accounts impounded by the courts and so on into infinity.

  3. You are exceedingly intelligent to disregard all the naysayers.
  4. It's only sterile briefly when it is first expelled. At that time it's good for washing out a wound instantly, directly from the source.
  5. For someone who's still taking classes , you're doing rather well computergoy.
  6. Wet suit,dry suit, scuba gear. Look at all those little kids in my picture cavorting in the water in full gear,never mind just aqua shoes.
  7. The bottom photo is gringos and Mexicans on a New Years day spending 20 minutes in the water supporting Cruz Roja to the tune of just under $200,000 pesos . i took the picture and was told by them ,that the water was considerably warmer than the air. During the hot season in May one year a group of us were having libations at the Beer Garden and all went in for a refreshing dip and swim.
  8. If you think it's that cold,etc. you have never been in it so why bother to comment on something you have no experience with.
  9. No mystery. He and many other scientists and scientific organizations have done a lot of research over the years. Many people swim in it and not just Mexicans. i believe a couple of pictures are worth more than your constant negative words every time a lake topic comes up. Have a nice time swimming in your Raquette Club pool,cedros, but why don't you have it checked sometime for the urine to water ratio.
  10. My friend has been to Salas, done that 'nough said, and he and his wife swear by Dr. Briseno.
  11. Listen to a tape of a male Austrian from around Saltzburg speaking German and you'll be rolling your R's in no time like a champ.
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