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  1. Gracious Go Solar, I will contact them.
  2. I am looking for someone who can build and maintain a simple website. Bi-lingual would be a plus.
  3. I have Level 1 and 2 on CD, pm me if interested
  4. Thanks Mudgirl, very helpful information.
  5. We need to fly my wife's daughter here from North Carolina to care for her while I am in the hospital. Is the Guad airport allowing flights in from the USA now? If the road blocks are still up, is she going to have a problem getting to Ajijic, as she has no I.D. with a local address? Also, can anyone recommend a decent BnB for her to stay at while in quarantine here.
  6. I have purchased both red and black Twizzlers at La Casita in Guadalajara.
  7. Has anyone on this board had experience with Dr. Fransisco Javier Moreno at Quality Care ? PM me if you'ld rather.
  8. We came back from Guad yesterday at about 11 am. There was a checkpoint at Chapala Haciendas. Had to show proof of address. Also going north into Guad just past the exit to Oacatlan the traffic was backed up for at least 2 miles.
  9. I had three done on my upper front teeth by Eloy Barragan, the husband of Cynthia Berny that RickS mentioned. My appointment was at 8:00am and honest to God I slept through most of the procedure. Very gentle.
  10. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an expedited passport replacement for a Mexican citizen? My wife has lost hers and we are supposed to leave for Canada on the 17th.
  11. Just wanted to say Hi.

    My name is Randy Martyn.

    In my previous life, I owned Wheatland Fireplace in Regina but have been living in San Antonio (Vista Alegre) since retiring 6 years ago.

    I was happy to hear you were able to enter Canada with a Mexican plated car as I had called Transport Canada a couple of years ago and they told me a Canadian citizen could NOT bring a Mexican car into Canada.   Seemed a little strange to me so I called several times and always the same answer.

    Maybe things have changed since then.  Oh well.

    Go Riders ! 


  12. how many bedrooms, how many baths?

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