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Good Source for High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

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[A search of these boards isn't turning up current information. Sorry if this is covered somewhere.]

What's a good source for outdoor furniture? I'm talking about sofa-style stuff, chairs with thick pads, etc. I don't expect it to be inexpensive, but I've got a big empty mirador to set up, and all I'm finding is cheap resin and not-cheap wooden furniture, or wrought iron with glass tops, etc. -- not the sort of stuff for creating a comfortable outdoor room, in this case under a pergola I've got coming.

I know folks have this kind of thing because I've seen it at homes for sale or on YouTube real estate videos. Who sells these items locally? Thanks.

(A typical source in the U.S. might be Costco, or patio furniture stores.)



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2 hours ago, tomgates said:

Costco Mexico

Sure enough. I must've flipped the wrong bit last time I visited costco.com.mx, because I didn't see any of what I see now. Thanks for that, and for Liverpool.

https://www.liverpool.com.mx/tienda/Muebles de Jardín/CAT4340006



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If you have a bigger budget then most, and want really good furniture, there are good stores . The first is Antiguo de Mexico in Tlacquepaque 

Antigua de Mexico

There is also  Amparo Taylor On Avenida Mexico, corner of Terranova.

Amparo Taylor

Both stores import quality brand name US furniture (Tommy Bahama, etc). Both offer much better built products than Liverpool, both are expensive. Palacio de Hierro at Plaza Andares also offers good furniture, including well known Italian and Brazilian designers. Also expensive.

Have fun..

OH, and don't forget to check out Ajijic's Barbaras bazaar, and ask them what they have in the warehouse. If you don't mind getting it reupholstered, some good stuff shows up there...and a some good upholstery stores too in GDL.



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13 minutes ago, Dripfeed said:

OH, and don't forget to check out Ajijic's Barbaras bazaar, and ask them what they have in the warehouse. If you don't mind getting it reupholstered,

Excellent. Thank you.

It's not that our budget is so large, rather that there are wasteful choices in the upper and lower price ranges, and we're looking for a sweet spot. Reupholstering used but nice patio furniture is just about right.



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6 minutes ago, Alpha1 said:

There is (or was) an outdoor furniture store next to Fenix real estate

Thanks. Still there, but doesn't carry the sort of "outdoor living room" items we're after.

Because there's been a lot of building around our little San Antonio house, the first floor receives almost no sunlight any more, and is on the chilly side for most of the year. The second floor is a little better, but has only bedrooms. The mirador, OTOH, is big and unobstructed, so I hope to make it a significant living space.



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11 minutes ago, gringal said:

I have, too.  Are you acquainted with Amazon.com.mx? 

We're heavy Amazon users, both in Mexico and the States, and find that Amazon MX now offers a near-identical experience. Imported goods valued over US$50 (excepting some kitchenware) will of course still bear duties, but Amazon does a great job handling those.

About those tariffs. I dig that Mexico imposes them to cultivate domestic consumer production -- and that makes sense as far as it goes. But am I the only one who doesn't see the hoped-for domestic activity actually happening? Where are all those domestic TVs and computers and phones. Intentions aside, the effect seems to be higher prices for Mexicans, and that's about all.

Regardless, there remain clueless expat YouTubers (for instance) who insist you can't reliably use Amazon or similar in Mexico, and they're 100% mistaken.

Beyond all of this, Amazon isn't a great choice for something like expensive patio furniture. That's a real crapshoot, and return of large items isn't ideal.



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