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  1. Jre The yen was 250 a million years ago. In the recent history, hitting 150 is new low
  2. All are missing the real action in the currency market, that is the steady erosion of the Japanese Yen. We are knocking on the 150 door, a first in many years. Some may remember an exchange rate of 250 yen to the dollar many decades ago.
  3. Your age could be an issue. All the insurance we were familiar with when we there was for a 12 mo policy. I was always declined because I was on 3 blood pressure meds and I was in my low 60's. Travel policies would be the way to go.
  4. They might actually pay the rent to owner as opposed to Don Pedro squatting all those years.
  5. I would think the high cost of electricity would discourage any activity.
  6. We had a Bosch and it worked fine. Two “D” cell batteries that I changed once a year.
  7. tomgates


    Kelton has the ribs down pat.
  8. We did that for over 10 years! Not sure where your "there" was...
  9. Maybe the one way designation is only a suggestion! As long as we lived on Zaragoza, just east of Aquiles Serdan, we always went against the one way on Zaragoza to our driveway.
  10. I have gotten prescription glasses at Costco on a couple occasions. Used their optical exam on one occasion and outside prescription on another. Also bought my wife's contacts there. Best prices and quality.
  11. Bought a couple cars thru S&S over the years, one used and one new. On the new one, Spencer and Karen were helpful in negotiating a low percentage fee for using a credit card to buy the car. This was important because of my desire not to exceed to US limit on money in a foreign bank account.
  12. Tuesday Market or Wednesday Market.
  13. All the advise above is good. We were in Ajijic, 3 blocks from the plaza, for about 15 years. Early years were half and half with the US and later full time. We had private health insurance first than after 2010 Obamacare. That served us well on our trips back to the US. Routine stuff we paid out of pocket there because it was so cheap. You are 55 so keep your insurance. We liked Ajijic because all our friends were nearby. Las Salvias is a good area, great views and also cooling breezes coming down from the mountains. Just above Ajijic village so close to there too. All the real estate offices handle rentals. This is a good time to come down as all the snowbirds have left. www.chapalamls.net is a good resource for sales or rentals.
  14. Is Jigomonte still a going enterprise? Prime rib there was pretty good.
  15. Is Omar the same as Rain Bird Irrigation on Lazaro Cardenas?
  16. You can also have the cabinets made with Palm tree lumber, resistant to termites.
  17. The cabinet maker on Guadalupe Victoria in the first or second block behind the church is very good.
  18. MC, Didn’t get hit with any capital gains. Our resident permanent helped as did having either our Curps or RFC on utility bills plus not having any real estate transactions within 5 years.
  19. Ibarra's link to Whirlpool prices 18000btu units about $19000mp so I just guess the total job now would be about $30,000mp. The US/Mex exchange rate in mid 2017 was 18.30 or US$1065.00. Now it would be about US$1736. 45 days use, at 8 hrs a day comes to $4.83/hr.
  20. Mex Jim, I don't recall the breakdown for (1)the actual a/c unit, (2)installation and (3)the electrical work to bring 220V from the ground level electrical box to the mirador above the 2nd level. The total job was somewhat less than $20,000mp.
  21. 17.28 close today. I recall buying a new car in summer or fall 2015 and the rate was 16.80. This close today is the highest since then. In real estate, the deeds are in pesos. When we bought in 2005 the exchange rate was 10:1. When we sold in 2020, the rate was 21:1. The Mexican authorities would say we more than doubled our money. Far from the truth.
  22. In 2017 we bought a 18,000 btu mini-split, Whirlpool, from Tio Sam's. 220v. Tio arranged all the installation and electrical work. Top notch. This was in our upstairs bedroom and one nice feature was a night time setting that ran for several hours into the night then gradually tapered down until dawn.
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