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You can't win with this stuff. Many years ago, in Puerto Vallarta, I ended up in hospital with my first ever food allergy, for observation. All I had eaten that day was KFC Spicy, at the insistence of our taxi driver friend. Upon research the next day, that KFC had reduced their MSG due to popular demand, but added additional chemical MSG enhancers, that had never been approved for human consumption. Never liked KFC coleslaw, nothing in nature is that color of green.

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On 7/31/2021 at 8:39 AM, gringal said:

Dont'cha love the way the canned, boxed and bottle stuff frustrates us label readers by having the ingredients in such small print that the shopper has to carry a magnifying glass in order to read them?  I do, but a handy shortcut is to reject anything with more than a few lines.

I use the camera on my phone, then zoom in.  I think most phones nowadays have at least an 8X zoom on the lens. 

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