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  1. Same. I've been there for dinner, to try it myself as we all have different tastes. It lived up to (down to), it's reputation.
  2. https://youtu.be/MEvHzx-nal0 😆
  3. Both the dollar store and the electronics store near it, sell numerous sizes. Edit: Both are in Ajijic as per your question. There are obviously other options outside the area.
  4. I've never had one of their keys not work or be sticky. Same good luck for the one on Revolution.
  5. Well said TJW. With the newer uv blocking windshields, I sometimes find it hard to make eye contact with a driver and know they have acknowledged me.
  6. Perhaps a question for GO SOLAR; my understanding is that they will continue to put out at least 80% of rated value at the end of the stated warranty? If any knows if this is correct, please comment. TIA
  7. You are So helpful, and rarely make yourself the center of any post. Unless of course it contains a: 1) bash of others, 2) a praise of yourself AND 3) Preferably a photo of yourself. A Peter trifecta.
  8. If you show this picture at a small off the path pharmacia, you may get some without a prescription. With a prescription, any place should be able to help you. There have been a lot of people reporting side effects. Mine are: Memory loss, and a short temper when responding to posts.🤣 Hope this helps.
  9. Where have you tried? Guadalajara pharm, Christina pharmacy, Similares, the little yellow one on the Ajijic Carretera. I believe all of those have it on a regular basis, but will require a RX.
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