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  1. Well said TJW. With the newer uv blocking windshields, I sometimes find it hard to make eye contact with a driver and know they have acknowledged me.
  2. Perhaps a question for GO SOLAR; my understanding is that they will continue to put out at least 80% of rated value at the end of the stated warranty? If any knows if this is correct, please comment. TIA
  3. You are So helpful, and rarely make yourself the center of any post. Unless of course it contains a: 1) bash of others, 2) a praise of yourself AND 3) Preferably a photo of yourself. A Peter trifecta.
  4. If you show this picture at a small off the path pharmacia, you may get some without a prescription. With a prescription, any place should be able to help you. There have been a lot of people reporting side effects. Mine are: Memory loss, and a short temper when responding to posts.🤣 Hope this helps.
  5. Where have you tried? Guadalajara pharm, Christina pharmacy, Similares, the little yellow one on the Ajijic Carretera. I believe all of those have it on a regular basis, but will require a RX.
  6. The generic version is called Nocte. Yes locally available. You will most likely need a prescription, there are places that have sold it without a prescription.
  7. Nocte, the only place I've seen the CR (time released) is in PV. No prescriptions needed there. Here a prescription is hit and miss. https://www.drugs.com/international/nocte.html Edit: I'm not the only one who is wary of them due to memory issues, and not just for the night I've taken them.
  8. They were never a Canadian owned company and are STILL in some Canadian cities. I just find it kind of funny that anyone would go to a Chili's while in Mexico; they are as authentic as the Olive garden is to real Italian food while in Italy, was my point. I've gotten a laugh everytime I pass by it south of the airport. No offense meant, we all have different tastes. I even know people who think Arby's is "Good" food (but, It's never going to pass for real Texas BBQ either).
  9. An Olive garden??! Wow, I've only been going to them when I'm in Italy. Silly me. 😜
  10. I've always wondered who comes to Mexico and goes to a Chilis.
  11. As I've chosen the 17th, I couldn’t agree more!
  12. Sorry to hear this. The other two choices that I am aware of, are not at the same caliber that Magnolias was.
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