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  1. I have to snicker about the pot calling the kettle black here.
  2. You don't have a clue. Your "theories" are based completely on other people's older, washed-out, no-basis clawing in air. If we were to follow you, we would all be dead very soon. So-called "human enterprise" is contributing to this downfall of our planet, not solving it. What you are really saying is "let someone else take care of it, not me".
  3. If only it would be fatal first to the conspiracy theories.
  4. Lights flickered in Ch Vista and Internet went out for a while, but electricity stayed on.
  5. Not really. There are always two sides, exactly the reason for court cases. Your statement only makes me more curious. Especially when I see some of the ridiculous antics some of these narcissistic gringos pull.
  6. Since 3 is on the other side of the highway, I'd refer to it as a "section" of Chapala Haciendas. Unless a highway running through an area doesn't section something.
  7. Is it just me, or when the end comes, will I want to save me or birds?
  8. They will simply continue on their normal schedules, regardless of time changes here or there. Your tickets always represent local time for the departure and destination sites.
  9. Ironically, a similar bill gets pushed every year at this time, and flounders every year.
  10. I, too, prefer longer daylight hours. Although, I am not fond of getting up in the dark.
  11. The charge the customer through the nose, often both the issuer and the recipient, for checks that bounce.
  12. Top executives at ExxonMobil and other oil giants are set to testify at a landmark House hearing Thursday as congressional Democrats investigate what they describe as a decades-long, industry-wide campaign to spread disinformation about the role of fossil fuels in causing global warming. https://apnews.com/article/climate-science-business-environment-and-nature-campaigns-cf3524fd23854d2c2df2d3294dd58134?user_email_address=113c61034e497bf178766dffc3398218&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningWire_Oct28&utm_term=Morning Wire Subscribers
  13. I have yet to see any bank lose money on checks. They charge the customer for everything, especially here.
  14. How do you know he didn't learn anything? By his own statement, he did, and he brought that information to our attention. Your lack of empathy is stunning.
  15. Maybe his does not have a big poster. Maybe he's near-sighted. Maybe he was busy. Maybe he was away. Maybe he wasn't the only one banking. Maybe he's not so good with Spanish. Maybe maybe maybe. Not for you to say, and certainly not for you to judge. And your phrase "simple to read brochures" is insulting.
  16. I will repeat myself: He learned the hard way and handed out a warning: a good warning. For anyone to sit in judgment on him for that publicly-announced transgression is a tad facile.
  17. Yeah, well, all of us are quite aware of how you mangled a very long thread that led nowhere but in your own circular fashion. It was no guess. It was a comment. And you are not reading my quotes from you, again. Nevermind. I'm done.
  18. Not hardly. Bank contracts are pages and pages of small print, and even someone completely fluent in Spanish is never going to take the time to read them. Now if both of you tell me you always do, I'll be very impressed. I won't believe it, but I'll be impressed.
  19. Cripes, you people. He learned the hard way and handed out a warning: a good warning. But you obviously are omnipotent.
  20. I agree with that opinion 100%. They were consistently lousy and cheats, based on any number of reports from friends and acquaintances over the years. AND, from one mechanic who was a friend who worked there for a while and saw it all.
  21. No. I asked you. You gave no indication, none at all. I quote you: "I will but he will be probably be closed for a few days." You were then asked by Ibarra. Your answer: "Everybody does". Where did I guess anything?
  22. I still don't understand why he might have been "closed for a few days", or why working today is anything special. There were no holidays during this period. Sunday? No wonder. This sound suspiciously like that weird thread about the bank ATMS being removed/bank closed/bank open.
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