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  1. For those of you who are deep-dive inclined, this is a great website by a CFA about the relationship between SS & Medicare, retirement suppositions, etc. Medicare is in deep doo-doo, and will be broke in 6 years or so. Most people don't really understand how it works, or why it goes up the way it does. I believe that this guy has great info that may allow us to see the future more realistically and act prudently now, so we don't get screwed up later. Enjoy ... http://danielamerman.com/aHome.htm
  2. In the week between when MX changes back to standard time, and the US does, the GDL departure times get set back am hour, to accommodate landing times in the US...So a flight that normally leaves at 7 will leave at 6. The airlines want you there 3 hours ahead of time to do immigration, check in, security, and boarding. The bottleneck is always immigration. So if it opens at 4, and my flight leaves at 6..It's cutting it very close. Hence my question. And of course, Volaris doesn't have a phone line or chat function.
  3. Does anybody know what time the airport INM office opens now, after the time changes, and the flight departures are earlier? It used to open at 4 AM, but now with my flight leaving at 6 AM, I think it should be opening earlier. Anybody know?
  4. I recommend that you join the FB group, Construction at Lake Chapala, lots of great warnings and recommendations. I can tell you several people NOT to use. Some advertise heavily in the Guad Reporter ( not that they are responsible for their advertisers business practices). So PM me if you like. There are great perils here. It's not what you think. Take it from this lady who has several year of experience restoring historic homes in the US!
  5. I hear about Cadillac Upholsery, and a guy named Oscar in Chapala. I'll try to find his #.
  6. Ezzie, the entire cost of your hip replacement was $65,000, or this was for the appliance only?
  7. You can buy human Ivermectin over the counter here, and it's cheap. At any time that you feel sick, take the treatment protocols recommended at www.flccc.net, and keep your vitamins D, C, zinc, etc up. D is vitally important. The PCR tests, if they are set above 30, will "find just about anything in anybody", according to the inventor of the test, Dr. Kary Mullins, who won a Nobel for his invention of the test. He should know! So the scare reporting of "cases" is based on tests set at 30 and 40. This is, of course, the very same test that is being discontinued by the CDC in Dec., because it can't differentiate between corona and influenza viruses, and never could. So come down, get some IVM at the pharmacy, just incase, and enjoy life!
  8. Alan, did you go to the www.covid19criticalcare.com site, and look at the protocols and testing that has been done there? Do you know about the fast and loose way they play with EuAs there, to shut out cheap, old, safe,effective drugs. Not enough money in it. Merck just withdrew a "vaccine" today, and was hoping that their more costly product makes them more money. Od course they be ambivalent about the HCQ; there no MONEY in it..l
  9. In Dec 2020, Dr. Kory of the Frontline Critical Care Alliance testified to the US Senate about the benefits of Ivermectin in various stages of the disease. He is part of a consortium of international critical care doctors headed by Dr. Paul Marik of the Eastern Virginia Medical School. http://www.covid19criticalcare.com He is famous for the discovery of effective treatments for conditions such as sepsis, and only does frontline critical care medicine. In early March, I read online the three Chinese and one French trials of both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine w/zinc and azithromycin, and further study of Dr. Marik's research, all done by noted infectious disease specialists. They did a number of studies with HCQ, and later with Ivermectin, trying to find the right OUTPATIENT early intervention protocol, and they have continued to refine the protocols. While the Marik/Zelenko Protocol of HCQ/zinc/azithromycin is good, Ivermectin/zinc/doxyxyxlne is better because it acts not only as an anti-viral for early onset COVID viral load, but its also inflammatory,well suited to treat the cytokine storm that attacks the body in later stages of the disease, and comes with blood clots. These treatments are simple, effective, cheap, safe, well-tolerated in most people, but they certainly don't contribute to the pharma bottom line, and so have been ridiculed, forbidden for prescription by pharmacy boards and malpractice insurance risk mitigation attorneys, etc for months, which has caused 100,000s of unnecessary deaths in the US...All for a buck. Mexico is even more tragic....ISSSTE did a clinical trial in Chiapas in July, giving an appropriate dose of Ivermectinto every person, and within one month, there was NO VIRUS IN ALL OF CHIAPAS! And it has kept its green "clean" status since that time. This is the ONLY STATE IN MEXICO TO BE GREEN...And yet, the health authorities in MX will NOT distribute Ivermectin throughout the country, saving lives and allowing people to go BACK TO WORK...and without masks. Tragic. Negligent. Callous. Complicit.
  10. I have several Travelon anti-theft purses, and I love them. The main strap has cables in it, would need a bolt cutter to get through them, the sides have high-strength steel wire in them, non-slashable, zipper locks, and the strap can be wrapped around a chair, or the grocery cart, very secure. I highly recommend them. Pretty colors, too, all sizes. Www.travelon.com
  11. Where are you in FL? I also have a small condo there. Just a word of warning... There is usually, in any type of líen, an "heirs and assigns" clause, that passes certain liens/encumbrances on to heirs and assigned beneficiaries, making legally liable, so no, you are not able to walk away from any deficiency. Because of that, some basic but prudent estate planning is VERY IMPORTANT, for you if not for your folks. If their estate wil be small, you might be able to get AARP to refer YOU to a cheap estate lawyer. Estate lawyers for small legacies are cheap. And you parents may not leave you money, but I am sure they don't want to leave you with heartaches. And I have seen many. There are guides for wills and trusts online, so you can all make a list of assets, deeds, bank accounts, etc, before you go into the lawyers office. You can sign a document called a "transfer upon death" at a brokerage, which keeps stocks out probate, and something similar at any bank accounts. Simple, saves headaches. And if thry have an annuity, there will have been beneficiaries named on it when they bought it. But every state's laws are different. Look online for FLs. As an executor of complicated wills and trusts in two states, and in the midst of making a new will in FL, I am re-learning all these little twists. If your parents die intestate in FL, their estate wil most likely still have to go through probate, and you will be responsible for the costs of that. Trust me, a simple will will save all of you big heartaches. Trust me. And don't do a DIY will.
  12. Kimanjome... Re: when a person with a mortgage dies... It's NOT "the bank's problem", it's the estate's problem. The house will pass into the estate, and depending on the testamentary structure, will go to an heir with a "stepped up basis" for tax purposes, but an encumbrance (a claim against the estate) at the same time, so the estate will be responsible for paying the debt/mortgage. Anybody that thinks that someone can get a mortgage, and then that debt just "goes away" upon death, is just stupid and selfish. Such a person should really think about the heirs, and put together a reasonable and clear estate plan.
  13. The lack of testing, exponential growth of the infected population, extraordinary contagiousness, and long non-symptomatic incubation period make this a very dangerous disease. I am self-isolating.
  14. The signing of the USMCA trade agreement is what has boosted the peso. Investors are figuring that the NOB industrial production will boost the Mexican GDP and ameliorate the internal recession somewhat. This will only last so long. Also, AMLO has asked the IMF to increase Mexicos credit line for loans, but has been told that it needs to drastically increase tax collections. So... We are seeing many strong suggestions and new measures to pay more taxes. The gov't can only increase the IVA by so much, Point of Sale taxes are the only sure means to raise taxes in a country where the citizens see tax evasion as a national sport, and corruption takes thr money and returns little to the people in exchange. So there will be a little peso bump now, but likely another gradual peso devaluation in the future, because MX STILL doesn't create its own business, it takes it from other countries instead. Sad.
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