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  1. Anyone have contact info for experienced technician to do yearly maintenance on split AC? Thanks!
  2. We live in Ajijic--Chapala municipality--so I tried inserting chapala in place of jocotepec in the above URL, thinking that would be pretty slick if it worked. And it did! I entered the identification information asked for and it took me all the way through entering my Intercam Visa card info. But with the push of the last button, mi "Pago Fallido" Payment Failed. Quien sabe?
  3. Textbook example of a highjacked thread. My original question was addressed by the first three posts and then the floodgate of inattention and burnt off dissatisfaction was opened--well, that's too harsh. I guess at the base it's simply a desire to engage in some social interaction...A sincere thanks to Artsnob for his on-point response; I'll give Intercam a go.
  4. I just returned from our local bank with eight $1000 checks I had made out to me from our Bank of America account. This has been my practice every four months or so when I make a deposit to our Bancomer account. We used to write one check for 8-10K but several years ago a limit of 1K per check was imposed. I was pissed off to learn that beginning last month a $500 limit per check had been put into effect! Do other local banks also have this limit? Is there a better way to move money from a US bank account here?
  5. We recently completed purchase of a 30mX12m property in central Ajijic. It had been a family compound with 4-5 one-story casitas mostly still standing, but in ruins. We would like to get an estimate for razing the property to the ground and removing the detritus. Can you recommend an experienced person to do this job? Thanks.
  6. Thanks to all of you for your helpful responses to my query
  7. We are US citizens and MX permanent residents flying to the States next week. I'd appreciate a reminder of what we will need to do (or not do) at the airport as far as documents, logistics etc. We will have our antigen tests, proofs of AstraZ vaccines, MX permanent resident cards, US passports, ticket reservations, luggage, masks. Anything else? Tips for navigating the airport rigamarole? Many thanks for your helpful, nonjudgemental response.
  8. In Ajijic Centro we've had a total of 2.5 inches in past 48 hours.
  9. We just bought a property--an old family compound--in Ajijic Centro that has been abandoned for several years and more. We need to have the junk removed. Several rooms were lived in and walked away from; old, probably broken appliances remain; discarded household and personal belongings are littered around. Weeds and small trees have grown up. Any recommendations for a service or persons who can haul it all away and sweep out the place? Thanks.
  10. Any place in Ajijic where I can get our home tap water quality tested? Thanks.
  11. I like the cinnamon rolls--they're made with croissant dough--but they're different from what most of us have learned to expect. For something more in line with expectations try the croissants, especially the almond ones. We think they are fantastic! Savta has an astoundingly wide selection of pastries to go with their espresso, often including something I'd never expect--or want--matcha croissants, topped with pine nuts. The sourdough bagels taste great, although, as others have commented, the last time we got some they were flat. Plus they have a good selection of craft beers, although not as good as The Spot bar on the Ajijic plaza. They also have some tasty and unusual sandwiches and I hear they now have a Sunday brunch. Closed Tuesdays, and the owner, Naz, keeps to their 8-6 open hours.
  12. Thanks, Gal...So now the question is: if I can download BofA mobile app to a smartphone, say, bought at TelCel, will our VPN allow me to deposit using that app? Pretty sure I can download mobile app to a tablet--but the iOS I have on mine is too old--and maybe that would work better. Hmmm...BTW and off topic-Is the main diff between a tablet and smartphone that you can make calls on the latter?
  13. I have a B of America account, but don't have a smart phone on which to put their mobile banking app. I'd appreciate hearing about a phone/plan that works with this type of e-deposit...Perhaps through Amazon Mexico or other online store, or through Telcel (where their employee was unsure I could download the app on the phone they were selling)? Gracias!
  14. Thanks for the suggestion and kudos to Sr. Flores. The job is done.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, Harry. I'll give them a call. Sounds like it might be too much hassle, but we'll see.
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