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  1. Yes Gary passed away on Friday. Am I not allowed to post? What's wrong with you.
  2. Could you also send me your tech's info? Thanks
  3. No - they moved because their old landlord would not fix or maintain anything. Open water leaks, leaking toilets, weird electrical errors. Dr. Hector was under a lot of pressure, because so many specialists rely on his office refererals. As a point of fact, many of the specialists refer work to Guadalajara, to raidiologists and others they have known. For example, my vision and balance specialist wants a CT scan, to make sure I don't have any mastoids or other growths effecting my balance. I would normally go to Banuelo's, but he said no, go to this one, a world recognised authority on head wounds, scans, disease and such. He is Guadalajara of course, only rookies and junior league players out here. I pray the talented ones like Ana Gabriel and Dr. Hector stay, and love Lakeside life, limited as it is.
  4. GDouglas, I am enjoying your cogent, intelligent style of writing. Don't let anyone change your style. Because people are too lazy to read, is not your fault. Mexico has one of the lowest per capita reading rates in the world, and I have been hearing for 30 years now - Oh THAT forum, it is overstocked with drunks, goofs, and wierdos. I recommend, for you, a social group here called Open Circle, which draws together people from many diverse backgrounds. Interesting talks on many things and opinions. If you choose a freeform blog or podcasts, I would be interested in that too.
  5. GDouglas: I commented on an article about the ( underconstrucion at that time) Cycolopista many years ago, that this development would help a deep sociocultural change Lakeside. Shopping trips to stores, not normally visited (parking!), wind in your hair, smile on your faces, a group of recognised other smiling faces. Then to restaurants, where you can blow over two beers and not go to jail. Have you seen any evidence of this cultural change? I would still dream about somewhere warm and clean that I could take a Hobie Cat everyday. I need a lot of expensive operations and joint replacements to get the lasto that point though. Been in bed the last five days - my first ortheoarthopedic attack. Sole of my feet, finger knuckles, much better five days later. But still scary
  6. Go solar. Do you have a line of access to used LiOn baterries from scrapped electric cars? I know they weigh 1,000 lbs. But with Solar, they have enough to last twenty years. Right?


    I first heard from Pedro in 2011. I was restoring an old building in Edmonton, I know it was that year because it was the 9/11 year. Pedro knew that my folks had a beach place In Puerto Vallarta and I planned to move to Mexico someday. He asked me if could send a collection of valuable folk art to my boss. One of the most respected architects in Alberta. So we began printing them out, I swear to god they were a bunch of firewood pieces, nailed together, and then dressed in vintage clothing. No carving, no color or anything. He was willing to sell them as a group for $25,000. He didnt know that Gene's wife is a gallery level fine artist and has the largest collection of Canadian folk art in Canada. We were all too stunned to even laugh. I had to apologise profusely. This is just the start of the 100 bizzaro stories of this asshole/ conman. He had to leave Central Alberta early to come to Chapala because his business reputation was ruined.


    I don't give a 🌠F what you think meathead, never have, never will.


    I worked with German entrepreneur to setup an irradiation facility in Vancouver. The Federal government poured in millions of science credits, which he could sell to other businesses to lower their tax load. Then came organised groups, similar to todays antivaxxers, determined that this process was poisonous. And for those so curious about my drug and alcohol consumption. I can count on one hand, for last year, the number of times I have drunk or smoked during the day. I have given away at least 5 times more than I consume, but no longer give away anything. I would never grow a 15 foot high, 12 feet across, with 5 foot long colas. It would attract too much attention and plant robbers. I only grow small, very rare plants, ignored by the commercial growers. Next year, every vehicle or truck entering the U.S. from Mexico will be irradiated, while passengers and drivers remain inside. I agree that this should be a new topic. Sorry. Here, learn about irradiation https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/food-irradiation-faq-1.3608013
  10. Just becareful David. Things can get tricky from now on. Use your L.A. lawyer sense. Gottit? Unless you want someone elses kid in your name, supported by your money. Sounds a little racist dude, but I mean it.


    Thank you for that Cedros sorry about that, there is lot of chatter about this right now among gardeners and farmers. This new technology is only of interest to gardeners in the U.S.A. At this time. It was actually put in place by that former guy President, who has mandated and funded an initative that every vehicle or truck entering the U.S.A. must be xrayed for smuggling, both drugs and humans. These are megadoses, right up there with irradiation of foods. If Mexico follows, they will begin the same, although the courier companies already do so. Seeds will often arrive dead. Whether the rays would kill an attempted border jumper in someones car trunk - I do not know. Order seeds from Europe or China, which will be flown to Mexico City. I am waiting for some seeds for the famous D'Espellete red chiles from the Basque region.
  12. This is a question for the D.I.F. office. They will make sure the Mothers papers and the birth certificate are in order. Very important for when the child attempts to go to school or if the Daddy suddenly decides he wants to share custody. The child payment issue D.I.F. will know, they go through this situation way too many times.


    So do any of you gaurdians and bastions of internet information have an answer for Cedros? No. I thought not! Plus Pedro says everytime you use google or facebook, an angel dies in heaven.
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