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I know we have done this before but since the covid virus many things have changed.  Restaurants have closed, new ones started, new management, etc.  I would like to know each persons opinion of current sit down restaurants which is their favorite and why.   Just one restaurant please.  We will be arriving back to lakeside next week and will try and eat at all the recommendations.  We like to eat out one meal a day.  Visiting the various restaurants is one of my favorite thinks to do.  The great reasonably priced restaurants is one of my favorite things about lakeside.  The restaurants should be located from Chapala to Jocotepec.

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Cocinart for great value, nice dining particularly with the new outdoor part.

Brunos for the best steak in town, the Beisbol Filet.  Not much in the way of ambiance.

Gosha's for well prepared and served food and nice outdoors ambiance.

Letty's for shrimp.

Adelitas for ribs but don't go when the loud bands are playing.


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Want to thank everyone for their great responses.  When we were here a year ago, we ate at all of these restaurants with the exception of Letra CH which we will try and make it too next week.  I know things change in a years time, so we will give all of them a try again.  Since arriving, we have ate at Mediteranian, Panchos, Lety's, Food Container and Scallions. The best was Mediteranian but I didn't like paying 35 pesos for the garlic bread.  Worst was Scallions where I didn't like the spaghetti although the meat balls were large.  Main problem was once we got our order, we never saw a waiter again until we paid out.  Food Container wasn't bad and there was a lot less flies than last year. Lety's fish wasn't up to par and Pancho's was better than last year.  I noticed there was a steady stream of customers going upstairs for the pizza.

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We had lunch today at Cocinart .  Arturo welcomed us back and we had a great meal.  We looked at the garden but opted for the dining room.  Not a single fly, the first meal I've had here where I did not have to guard my plate.  I had the seafood plate and my wife the shrimp salad. They were both very good.  Cocinart has to be one of the finest restaurants Lake side.

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Great hamburgers:

Try the huge one at Ancla in the strip mall West of Ajijic past the Pemex station and the Oxxo.

Outstanding ingredients on every level, and under 100 pesos... including fries or other choices.  Best I've had here.

All their other food is above par, too.  Inside or outside seating.

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