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Urologist...Dr. Daniel Hernandez phone?


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The urologist at Quality Care is Dr. Fabian Garcia. I met with him for the first time to get a second opinion earlier this week. I liked him so much that I am switching urologists. Very thorough, great listener, and excellent suggestions. You can leave a message fo him at Quality Care or call him direct on his cell 331-976-8173.

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14 hours ago, apolanco said:

Dr. Hernández is now with Riberas Medical Group. Clinic phone number is 376-688-1244. His email address is almdnc@hotmail.com. 

Riberas Medical Group is what used to be Integrity.  Dra. Lupita Cevallos moved her clinic to the building that was formerly the Lake Medical Group, on the carretera in Riberas just east of the Catholic church and right across the carretera from the Moyoyo car wash, next to Best Lab.  Most of the same specialists who were at the Integrity location near Telmex in Ajijic come there once a week.

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1 hour ago, Lexy said:

Dr. Daniel Hernandez was my husband's urologist. I would recommend him--caring, attentive, good physician. We chose him after several visits to QC urologist Dr. Fabian Garcia. I believe we made a wise decision.


I agree.  We have seen Dr. Daniel as well and quite happy with his services and dependability.

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Confusing. Where is Dr. Daniel Fernandez NOW and where is Quality Care.? 

I found Dr. Hernandez-in Riberas

Quality care must be by Telemex or the Pemex on the Libramiento.

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4 hours ago, Floradude said:

Quality Care is up near Tio Sams.   Dr. Fabian is the Urologist at Quality Care.

Can I assume Dr. Fabian speaks English?

Where is Dr. Daniel Fernandez now? Okay I found Riberas Medical Group-in Riberas

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