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  1. You forgot to put@in your reply. What is that all about?
  2. My lawyer told me that there are no small claims courts in Mexico so leases are meaningless.
  3. Thanks Lexy. I hear there is a good one close to me in san Juan Cosala.
  4. Maybe but I don't know of any as I have always groomed my 2 dogs but I can't now.
  5. Where about across the lake ?There arr two lighthouses there.
  6. I used to wash my dog outside with a hose and soap as the fraccionamiento had thermal water. Where I am living now water from outside taps is cold. My dog is old and could not deal with the cold water. Can anyone recommend a place to get my medium sized dog washed with warm water?
  7. No I have not seen her there but the president of Las fuentes told me that is where she went.
  8. Clair is at;Alicia’s convalescent home Lower floresta, near scallions restaurant
  9. Using a lawyer is much easier and exact and it impresses the persons being severed-they would be less likely to question it.
  10. I would like to send it to you but I can't find the messsage.
  11. https://rollybrook.com/employee-pay.htm Termination pay is down towards the bottom.
  12. You are better off to go to Dr. Claudia who will do the surgery in Guadalajara. What is a few stairs?
  13. I sent you some more info in a private message.
  14. I heard that she had a fall, then the Landlord sold the house she was renting and she moved on.
  15. Maybe, I went to a lecture he gave once and was impressed but he was not available to see today.
  16. Not many recomendations to this question.
  17. Many doctors now have an App on their computers so that when they write prescriptions it will give the Doc a warning if there is the possibility of bad drug interaction.
  18. There is a better way than ATMs to pay your bills in Euros. I am going soon and the flights, train trips and entries to sites and museums have all been paid in advance via one of my CC which gives a discount on anything I purchase.
  19. Both intercams did not have any. CIBanco was closed. A neighbour sold me some.
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