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  1. Lexy, did you ever find someone to surgically treat your double vision?
  2. My iPad does it easily. I simply hold down the relevant key and choose my diacritical option. Ėęēêèéë
  3. We have had Telmex fiber optic fir two weeks or so. Totalplay has not been doing well compared to Telmex. Upper Ajijic.
  4. Is this the senior living development that was part of a US corporation? I am also interested in knowing its status. It seemed very ambitious.
  5. We are almost completely electric now and rely on our solar panels.
  6. Hi Dottiejane. You may want to reconsider your move. Medical treatment may be a fraction of what it costs in the US, but it can be significant. One friend needed an emergency heart valve replacement—$80,000 USD. Another was taken to a well known hospital in Guadalajara—$50,000 USD before he could be released. A dear friend just moved back to the US from her truly wonderful nursing home.
  7. I agree. If you want to survive a serious condition, $250,000 is a reasonable slush fund. Also, do not give up Medicare A and B. I have an Ajijic friend who flies back to the US every two weeks to receive cancer treatment she cannot afford in Mexico.
  8. Apparently, every time she changes address, or name (recently married) the whole legal process needs to start over. I keep waiting for her to be kicked out of Mexico or sent to prison.
  9. I believe that Polo died. This is a different problem to overcome, even with a god business plan.
  10. I do not understand why the community was supposed to pay to accommodate Walmart’s shoppers. I do not care about Walmart’s shoppers. This is a Walmart problem. It is the cost of doing business. Walmart needs to come up with the money or pull down their ugly store and replace the avocado groves it destroyed.
  11. Frozen berries have a big ecological footprint. I bought fresh at Pancho’s this week.
  12. I am so glad to see others say what I have thought. Bobby was happy to damage Janelle’s after he said he would never compete.
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