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  1. Not sure what on demand means. I have hot water heaters for my apartments that ignite when they sense a water flow. They are battery operated and it looks like the batteries last about 3 years. I live alone, do very little cooking but do have a washer and dryer and use about 12 liters of gas a month (I have electronic level indicators in each apartment).
  2. Just turn the chart upside down, that is what I have done with my stock market investments. 😊
  3. Happiness is not to have to water my lawn and plants (for another week or so anyway 😊).
  4. I have an appointment next week with alta retina in Riberas. Its a big place with modern equipment and I counted 4 employees that I could see (no pun intended). My question is does anyone have experience good or bad with this eye doctor. Thank you.
  5. In Chapala/Santa Maria my bed rocked big time. I went outside and yes most of my neighbors left there house as well. If it happens again will be ordering a camping trailer.πŸ˜’
  6. Ye everybody in my building went to the street ( except me because i did not want to spill my modelo 😊)
  7. Well I guess that is proof that there is life after death. 😊
  8. Yes, and that is why its so unpredictable. 😊
  9. Well I had my dad's 1966 250S Mercedes Benz which I had to sell for a song before I moved to Mexico (It was purchased new in Geneva, Switzerland and shipped to Canada in 1996).
  10. Well let me ask, is it considered and antique when your sitting on it ? 😊
  11. Well the president of the US has now been COVID positive 3 times. Is he not the most protected human being on this planet ? πŸ˜’
  12. I believe Mercado Libre sells time machines 😊 ( am thinking about buying one and traveling back to the days when cells phone where just science fiction).
  13. Do you happen to have the Virgin's cell #. I have some streets in my area that could use her cleanup services. 😊
  14. Well I guess its just a coincidence that O'Rourke investments has a prime location at the Laguna Mall 😊
  15. I pointed out to one of my neighbors that Guadalajara was getting much more rain then Chapala. He replied that its because Guadalajara has much more churches. 😊
  16. many thanks for this information, I will get in touch with Valerie to see if hopefully she is still giving these sessions.
  17. My neighbor daughter took her own life. She is obviously devastated. In 2012 when my mom past away I attended a grieving counselor group given by I think her name was Valery Ronda in Ajijic. Is she still giving these sessions if so could I have her contact information. Thank you.
  18. So they moved it again ?
  19. Yes but its still below the official inflation rate. πŸ˜’ (for CETES 28 dias).
  20. You just failed your Mexican citizen application test. ☺️
  21. Not to worry, if it falls on you they will call the Bomberos for help. 😊
  22. Am surprised biometrics are not required. (Have to go to Mexico City tomorrow to the Swiss embassy in order for them to take my biometrics and then wait about 4 weeks to get my new passport ). Forgot to say happy Juneteenth holiday (brand new US federal holiday).
  23. In my next life I will own a garden center (and will come to work with my private helicopter) or is money laundering involved πŸ˜‰
  24. According to one of the guys that works for me it is going to be a car dealership. Not sure if he said it would be Honda or Toyota. (but then again it may end up being a pawn shop 😊).
  25. Getting an attorney involved for some US$ 600 seems a little absurd. (but good luck).
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