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  1. Is Jose Duran selling his 2023 calendar ? went by Superlake and Pancho's this morning to see if he was selling. (is there a store that carries them ?). Thanks
  2. If my golden retriever could fly she would be making millions 😊 (for me).
  3. Why not make a sitcom centered around it. Am sure the producer could find many retired "artist" who would gladly sit around and eat, drink, get free Viagra and "look" healthy. 😁
  4. This information is available on TOB just in case your upload fails.
  5. Just to let you know, I have hired a couple of Cholos to collect a "Toll" at the top of the "cow path". (special price for gringos). 😀
  6. I guess my question would be why do most Mexicans still need to work a half a day on Saturday ?
  7. Do you remember the days when you had an attendant fuel your car ? I guess PEMEX will catch on to that idea sooner or later (corporate greed has no limits).
  8. My bad, I jumped to a conclusion that was not correct. Am no longer challenged again "on this device". Thank you for your helpful feedback.
  9. Thank you. I understand security is good but its a pain to have to use my cell phone each time (or I no longer sign off from my home computer).
  10. Got an email from google saying that as of November 2 I will need to use a 2 step procedure to sign in to my email. They also say that I could start now. So just want to know if this is legitimate or if its a scam (have you also received this email ?).
  11. Jocotepec is not on the other side of the lake. 😒
  12. Its because he just wants walk-in patients. 😊
  13. Not really since that is somewhat the official inflation rate.
  14. You just described a government worker 😊
  15. It is. I lived in Ontario for 11 years, I had investments with an Australian bank as I had worked there for several years. One day CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) sent me a letter that contained print outs from my Australian Bank and asked if I had declared the interest paid. Luckily I had...
  16. Not sure what on demand means. I have hot water heaters for my apartments that ignite when they sense a water flow. They are battery operated and it looks like the batteries last about 3 years. I live alone, do very little cooking but do have a washer and dryer and use about 12 liters of gas a month (I have electronic level indicators in each apartment).
  17. Just turn the chart upside down, that is what I have done with my stock market investments. 😊
  18. Happiness is not to have to water my lawn and plants (for another week or so anyway 😊).
  19. I have an appointment next week with alta retina in Riberas. Its a big place with modern equipment and I counted 4 employees that I could see (no pun intended). My question is does anyone have experience good or bad with this eye doctor. Thank you.
  20. In Chapala/Santa Maria my bed rocked big time. I went outside and yes most of my neighbors left there house as well. If it happens again will be ordering a camping trailer.😒
  21. Ye everybody in my building went to the street ( except me because i did not want to spill my modelo 😊)
  22. Well I guess that is proof that there is life after death. 😊
  23. Yes, and that is why its so unpredictable. 😊
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