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  1. Did you explain that to AMLO. Maybe he doesn't have that info . Obvious we are not doing that, so ... I'm only concerned with Mexico here. So, do you think he doesn't want a real reading of those. Of course, the only ones that need hospitalization are the 20% that show serious side effects, and of those , less than 2% die. The rest can get well at home.
  2. Good info, but are these the only locations where people from every pueblo in Jalisco are to be tested? If so, we have a Big problem. Also, remember the criteria for testing, Mild Symptoms are NEVER tested and a doctor must certify that he thinks there is a strong possibility you have the virus.
  3. I was referencing now, not before, and in Mexico, not any other country. I thought that was what this thread was about.?
  4. I don't think we are testing many who show symptoms here in Mexico. Unless, you can establish that you meet the criteria (which is quite difficult to do), just having "the symptoms" gets you nothing but "stay at home and take something for the fever". Because symptoms are so similar to the flu and upper respiratory problems, and there is a Lack of Tests, many that would test positive are not being tested unless they become extremely ill and sometimes then still not.
  5. Yep, you MUST have all service recommended under the warranty done AT THE DEALER, or void warranty.
  6. I was told a KIA was 7 years, as opposed to 10 in US. (100,000 km)
  7. MEDICAL STAFF IN MEXICO CITY PROTEST HEALTH SYSTEM COVERING UP COVID-19 CASES https://www.vallartadaily.com/medical-staff-in-mexico-city-protest-health-system-covering-up-covid-19-cases/?fbclid=IwAR0sgzZ1K0t7ry-zri23ImkWQrrO3Y9NYPxamMEVemG13wD54N45RvcNy3M
  8. You think 202 deaths/1M is better than 61 deaths/1M. Wow ! Just maybe you should look again. Seems, to me, they did much better in the US than France.
  9. Well, not exactlu true. Counting the ballots in Sunday’s presidential election is complete, the National Electoral Institute (INE) said yesterday and confirmed that the Together We Will Make History coalition’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the winner. The electoral authority said just over 30 million Mexicans voted for López Obrador, representing 53.1% of the total votes cast. It is the highest vote count of any president in Mexico’s history.
  10. So, I let my people die so your peopke can live. Is that how it works?
  11. AMLO is what the Mexican people wanted, and they got what they wanted. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not.
  12. Alan is correct. Those ventilators belong to another country, and they were/are made under contract and treaty conditions. Mexico will pay a huge price( on top of the one it is already going to pay for his lack of leadership in this crisis) if he steals them or prevents them from being made.
  13. https://www.theyucatantimes.com/2020/04/google-mobility-study-says-mexicans-are-not-staying-at-home-as-much-as-they-should/?fbclid=IwAR3Edg0SaedL0H2txmZP_Vj4XlsLR7SCdqjZr8nf1sxLtaUqn8M7P2_wHRQ
  14. Actually some state adjacent to NY closed access, but NY complained so much, that governor gave in. That, by law, is a local decision for mayors/governors to make. Florida, evidently, stopping those from NY and NJ from going to Florida.. This happened some time ago. States have a Lot of rights by the US Constitution and the Feds cannot impinge on those rights. Here in Mexico, the Feds are more powerful, if they care to be, which it looks like they do not.
  15. You really believe this would affect how he proceeds?
  16. https://www.solmexiconews.com/disciplined-countries-like-mexico-winning-the-covid-19-battle-navy-chief/?fbclid=IwAR1oVv9AouPGPKJlpGFxWhMaUqOVGo1kjx1Lfa-3Y4VV3LIXP22EBAoPAgA
  17. Other IMSS doctors meeting was videoed on Whatsapp where they are saying they have families and are tired of working with no protection and tired of reporting no more than 1 death every 3 days (ordered by government), no matter if they have 50 each day. Getting really interesting. Maybe coming to a head in a week or so.
  18. And that is what it is for, to spend on the US economy. You will do that.
  19. 100% correct, because their hatred of Trump is only exceeded by their fear of being wrong. Thus, they can never admit they are incorrect. They are always correct. Sadly, they will take that to their grave, either here or elsewhere.
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