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  1. I was bed ridden for four months and told by a Guad phtsican that I would not walk again. Miguel Reyes who came to the house 3 times a week. It took a painful three months but I now walk without a cane or walker. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Miguel Reyes 331-758-2562 from Chapala college trained Physical Thearpist
  2. If you are a member or join NRA they have an inexpensive E & A insurance. I think NRA membership is about $35 and a year E&A for family covers you and spouse and is $145. a year. They have brought members home from all over the world. https://cloud.nraapprovedservices.com/nr-27727-a5
  3. I use the Costco (Citi) Visa from the USA or PayPal.
  4. In the USA they would use a sand blaster with ground pecan shells. Here you might buy a rag wheel for your drill with a little jewlers rougre which is slightly abrasive. This is the way many rings get polished. Ask a jewler where to purchase. It should look like this:It should look like this from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/SCOTTCHEN-Extra-Buffing-Polishing-grinder/dp/B07BGV23GK/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=rag%2Bwheel&qid=1650929887&sr=8-6&th=1
  5. Ziva fell on the stairs to the garden while atll under the effects os anethesia (6 hours latter) frim removing a small begnine fatty tumor. She is now afraid to climb up inoto the Expedition and I nor my spouse can lift her into the SUV. Due to my health it will take us 6 days to get to a hotel we will be staying while searching for a house to buy. That would require her to be lifted in or out 5 0r 6 times a day. Don't know that she would put up with that from some stranger we might find on the roads. She would then have to be vet kenneled for several months until we could find and close on a house. Just don't see that as possible.
  6. Ilox was out for hours from 2:00 pm to at least until this morning in Villa Nova. No TV streaming. Got to keep that Kindle charged up.
  7. Members expect you have searched for answers before posting a new topic.
  8. Our last 4 Great Danes lived eleven years, but I think Ziva will not make it that long. Large dogs are much more stable emotionally than the little ankle biters. Most small dogs being fearful of their own shadow and yap, yap near constantly. Remember that Danes and other large Mastine breeds just laid in front of the fireplace and slept in the dukes bedroom at night They don;t yap at nothing at all. Plus they're a big deterent for break-ins. Another salient fact that many don't know is that Great Danes come in Wet mouth or dry mouth. The classic square muzzle and the hanging jowls do drool. In recently Danes have been the last couple of decades they have bred Danes with hound muzzles and "dry" mouths. Ziva is just such a pointed muzzle dry mouth.
  9. My 6 1/2 year old Great Dane needs a new home. We are going back to the USA for medical reasons. She is beautiful, black with white points. She is a house dog, but does not get on furniture or sleep on the bed. We have had her since she was a puppy and it breaks our hearts to leave her here.
  10. You mighr have to make the block but I usually find parking near the one in Chapala, you might have to pass the store and make your first street going to the left then the next , then on that street that dead ended just east of the store 75' from the store, There is nearly always parking on that one.
  11. When I was younger I used World Nomads. web site
  12. This is common. We saw lots of this throughout Latin America and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Looking at real estate 25 years ago it was explained to us that this was a financing.situation. In residential property it was common for a started construction to change hands several times before being completed. In many countries where there was no financing available a couple would buy a lot and pay it off.. Months or years later when they had saved enough they would buy couple of bags of concrete and a dozen concrete blocks. These would be assembled then project would sit unfinished until more money was available. The beauty of this type of construction is that it can sit with being "dried in" as we would say without deteriorating for quirt a while. This was a good solution to a lack of mortgages and it used to be much more common. The same thing happens in commercial projects. They get initial construction loan and fail to meet progress points and the money dries up. Someone will eventually finish it or maybe the next one. Gas stations and some other projects stall for years with their "permits being approved" or sufficient cash incentives paid. The Walmart intersection off the state highway is one such problem. Since the state seems to have met it's commitment and built the intersection with a traffic light but it is being blocked by the municipality, the problem is not with the state. US companies are at a dissadvantage as US law seeks to punish them for paying these cash incentives to get to operate in foreign countries. They have accessed large fines on companies caught paying these fees and pursued executives with criminal indictments for this activity in other countries. This puts US companies at a disadvantage in countries where is the norm.
  13. That is probably more current than my info. I operated a cell phone company as an agent but that ended 29 years ago.
  14. Yes, that is totally up to the notario to file and to collect the funds from you. The Notario #5 in Chapala told me it would be approximately $250K. The Notario has the final say in this transaction. His job is to represent the Government, he is not just an attorney.
  15. Some carrier in Canada uses that same frequency and will swap in a new SIM card when your phone stops working. You will just sign a new contract on their plan and it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. One of the carriers Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Freedom Mobile, or Telus Mobilie will be on the same frequency as ATT. That is the one to try first.
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