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  1. Thank you all who made helpful suggestions, offered " colorful" personality analysis , and a brief history of an organization that provided horse/animal therapy in the past. A helpful suggestion was received by PM and will follow up with that .. Thank you all again..
  2. Posting for a friend. A Mexican family who moved into my friend's neighborhood and who has a young child who is Autistic. They have heard of a local woman who helps children through 'animal therapy' who have disabilities such as Autism .. Reasearch has shown that Ninos does not have this service available. Does anyone have any information about this and possibly who this person is and how to contact ? Thank You !
  3. Asking for a friend. Looking for a LOCAL clock repair person. Saw previous posts made in 2022 about Guad stores ... looking for a LOCAL place if possible. It was repaired at a place in Guad. in January 2023 , paid 1,500 p - worked for 2 months, and now not working again. A wall clock, LeGant 31 day - pendulum below the body of the clock. Any referrals appreciated. Thank You.
  4. Casa Miau is full . It is a cat sanctuary, not a shelter, that is funded by a couple with their personal pensions. Their creation of Casa Miau occurred when " Anita's Animals" in SJC closed unexpectedly and no other meaningful help was offered / provided for those cats. This couple took all of the cats from that shelter, [ at their expense ] and continue to care for those cats as they age, etc.. .
  5. My Mom used to carry this poem in her wallet, and I put it in my wallet when she died. I think it not only 'applies' to humans, but our pets who we lovely dearly as four footed family members. Clare Harner's 1934 , The poem reads: "Do not stand at my grave and weep / I am not here, I do not sleep / I am a thousand winds that blow / I am the diamond's glints on snow / I am the sunlight on ripened grain / I am the autumn's gentle rain / When you awaken in the morning's hush / I am the swift uplifting rush / Of quiet birds in circled flight / I am the soft stars that shine at night / Do not stand at my grave and cry / I am not here, I did not die."
  6. Just got a whattsapp from a friend saying an accident has occurred on the Chapala Libermiento a short time ago.. do not have detail as to what direction or how serious the accident is , but certainly enough to impact traveling on this road with normal traffic, added with the weekend drivers and the Ferreria travelers.... Be prepared.....
  7. I totally agree with you lakeside7, retiring when you are well and healthy is the ideal, and not when circumstances force you into that position. I was [ still am ] well and healthy when I made that decision for myself after being a nurse for 40 some odd years, and happy I was able to do . And I shared that decision with others, not by a rumor. But with spreading / sharing of this rumor, I put myself in the place of his patents' when they might hears this 'news', and the questions that must be going through their mind :- Is this true ? [ Many calls to the office for a fact-check ] Who said this ? How come I was not told. ? When is this going to happen ?.. I have a test / procedure scheduled in two weeks - what is going to happening now ? Who will now write my prescriptions that I need ? and etc .. I am not being dramatic, rumor spreading has consequences , as in this case it can cause undue anxiety to patients, who possibly already have enough medical stress going in in their life. I
  8. FACT: Dr.Leon is alive, well-healthy and NOT retiring any time soon. This is a Fact, checked with the person who has been written about. After living here many years, it still amazes me that some people like to share: ' rumors' , what 'they heard' and etc. on social media, without naming their source of their information OR checking the source / the facts to verify if it is accurate. Rumors are like squamous cells, spread very easily and cause damage. . It
  9. Since 'rainy season" I have been a 'regular" at the Telmex office and had Telmex out 3 times to do repairs I have only had the fiber for about 3 plus weeks, and gone through some pretty active rain /wind/hail twice/ weather in those 3 weeks , have not lost phone or Internet.. The night of the install date was a doozy, and kept watching my modem, and picking up the phone to test, and neither lost a 'beat' .the phone connection / clarity was better also... I was impressed , .. This is not a Telmex commercial.. I am happily surprised it is working well so far.
  10. About 3 weeks ago a Mx gentleman showed up at my door, asked if I wanted the Telmex fiberoptic, after clapping my hands several times and saying thank you, I said Yes. I was expecting that some date would be set up to do it. Nope, right then an there. He had a clip board with names on it, including my full name, which I do not use generally, so thought he was legitimate . [ and my 5 dogs would have voted no if he was not ] Up on the roof for a while, [ on a hot sunny day ] he asked to see my modem , switched it to a new one . He was very polite and courteous, checked the up / down speed , and that was that. I offered a tip, which he said he would not accept as he was doing his job, but would accept a cold Coke. That night a really hard storm went through including lots of wind and hail, and I did not loose the phone or Internet - a happy surprise, which has not always happened. I am not a tecky person, to know what is good or bad, but just read my speeds: Up is 103, and Down is 179. . I asked about an extra fee for installation or monthly bill, he said no, and when I just paid my bill it was the normal amount.
  11. Foot Neuropathy can be cause by several things, for example ' vascular / circulation, diabetes, etc.. It would be advisable to find out what is the cause for this condition first, and then see the 'appropriate' medical person to deal with the cause. Possibly your family doctor would the the first person to see.
  12. I do not very often post on this webboatd for several reasons .. mainly because of the snarky attitudes and comments, sometimes ‘attacks’ made by others when they express their opinion or describe their particular experiences within the topic being discussed such as this one, which is different than another persons opinion / experience . I feel that many people feel the same way, and do not want to expose themselves to this behavior when they post on this or any other board.. so many people remain ’silent’ . As to this topic, I fortunately have not had to use any of the two urgent care facilities mentioned in this topic. As a friend to several people who have had to use these services, their experiences are unique like they are and the circumstances that they were dealing with. Within the last two months, two different friends have had medical situations and utilized the services of RMC. One friend had a medical emergency in the early hours of a Sunday morning and frightened about the seriousness of the problem and arrived at the ER. The guard seeing that this person have limited mobility assisted her inside, and she was seen immediately by the ER doctor on duty. The doctor actually listened to what the person said, [ sometimes this is a rare trait ] asked questioned to obtain more [ valuable ] information , answered questions and explained what the treatment plan was to be done . She returned home, with follow-up care instructions, a way to contact the treating ER doctor if there should be any further questions to be answered, etc.. In summary the care was appropriate and very good , did not require a bank loan to pay the bill, and the person felt if they had an emergency again the future they would return to this 24 hour care facility. The other person, who has in the past been hospitalized in the States [ so has a point of reference about in-patient care treatment standards ] was an inpatient at this facility for a week of medical treatment, and said that the care as excellent, from nursing staff and physician care, and if circumstances should ever occur again and needed to be hospitalized locally would return to this facility. Now. these two people had positive experiences with RMC, possibly someone else has not. That however does not make their personal experience and opinion invalid. It is their experience, as you have had your own experience under your set of circumstances forming your opinion. I listen to the person who is expressing their own unique personal experience and set of circumstances, ask questions to better understand each unique situation , consider the source, think, and form my own opinion as to who to see and where to go if I need medical care, which I have done.
  13. I am helping a friend who is considering renting a house 'out in the country' in San Nickolas. She is not familiar with this area. She is a single senior female. Can you offer some pluses, minuses, concerns, any personal experience living there, and etc.. Thank you !
  14. Hi ! I can not speak from personal experience about El Chante .. but I can about SJC. If you like rockets, bombs, fireworks, fire crackers in celebration of every Virgen that ever walked the earth in Mexico, as well as other happy holidays. you will love it here. After all these years I have gotten used to it , actually enjoy the happiness that is shared,, but my dogs still have not adjusted to it yet. Have a friend who lives in that very particular area you are speaking of.. a short time ago a large water pipe broke causing a semi-river going down the street.. notices made to the appropriate authorities were made a few times - nothing done after many ! weeks .. finally private citizens paid some workers to fix the broken pipe and part of the damage to the road that the water caused.. I am not being negative, just giving you some factual information.. Welcome to Mexico !
  15. Lakeside Shoppers were informed about the Jan 1st no IVA on pet foods, but , when they did shopping there at Costco Costco would not budget about not taxing their pet food purchases. The Shoppers are trying to stay on top of the problem, as it presents a problem for them also, which they did not create. The Shoppers can not absorb the cost of the IVA tax themselves , and offered two choices : yes, bring my delivery and I will pay the IVA [ demanded by Costco ] on this order , or , cancel the order . Hopefully the pet food sellers will become aware of the law and follow it ... Within the new law there is a mechanism available to the seller to recover the taxes [ from the govt ] they paid when they bought the pet food they have for sale.. of course it may be work to get that accomplished, so possibly it may be easier to say they were not aware of the law, and keep taxing the customer until they sell all of that pet food supply they paid IVA on. And thinking when they buy a new supply, the seller will not be charged the IVA, and then [ hopefully ] will not charge the customer the IVA because the customer is not aware of the law, and does not speaks up if charged an IVA on their pet food purchase. This no IVA tax only applies to pet food, not other pet items like kitty litter, which will continue to be taxed, like toilet paper, etc.. .
  16. Yesterday was at the one functioning ATM, and chatted briefly with a woman in line who was ahead of me. She said that she had just read in "Forbes", that HSBC was not going to be in Mexico any longer, and focus in Asia. I did not do any research to follow-up on this topic.
  17. sent you a PM .. somehow I can not post my reply here .. even after 3 attempts.. I do not use them, but think I saw them at Vet Memo's office - Ajijic on Constitution. Call Monday 376 766 0885
  18. Sadly, I add this information. A friend died this week in a hospital in Guad. I recommended the services of Funeraria Chapala - 179 Morelos , Chapala. 376 765 5789 ( 331 454 4094 ) to the family. I used their services Feb 2018. The family contacted that funeral parlor .. they brought back the deceased from Guad, provided the cremation services, and brought them all the paperwork to their home, along with the ashes - within less than 48 hours. .. [ Cremation Certificate - need for transport out of Mexico, death certificates in both Spanish and English and SS notified via the American Consulate when the agent met with them ]. The total bill was 14,500 pesos. .. the same price I paid 2/14/2018 , and the same professional agent - Arturo [ whose name I could not recall when I did my previous posting ]
  19. I had to use end of life services, and used Funeraria Chapala - 179 Morelos , Chapala. 376 765 5789 ( 331 454 4094 ) As you go into Chapala, go straight through the light, past the fountain, and a few blocks on the left.. it has a parking lot. The gentleman I dealt with , spoke sufficient English, and came late on a Sunday night, within an hour of the call . Papers needed are: a passport and Immigration card. That night a photo was taken of these papers, so I did not have to make copies for them. I am sorry to say I do not remember the gentleman's name, and can't find his business card. He told what he was going to do, what time he would be at my house for each of the two days, and was there on time as he said he would there. The next day, I received the ashes in a respectable 'container', along with several copies of the death certificates in Spanish. And a 'certificate' of Cremation if plans were to take ashes north/out of Mexico. This was not a prepaid situation, and I paid the day I received the ashes. The agent went to Guad the following day to the American Consulate with the paperwork they needed, so Social Security would be notified, and he brought back several death certificates in English [ a letter from the Am Consulate accompanied the 20 certified copies ) . The staff there handled a most emotional situation in a calm and professional manner.
  20. Sorry I missed the : 'whatever to get it here ' Is there another option there for a 24 urgent care type of place in the interim ?.
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