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  1. Oh no, poor Ana. She has always come through for me with any problem - helpful, empathetic and competent. To be robbed at gunpoint twice in a few month is is more than anyone should have to deal with.
  2. Isn't that story what the Mayor was referring to in his video the other day.
  3. I called the store again and Jorge called me back - so of anyone needs something, just call.
  4. I want to contact Oscar. I have the store number but as it is closed, that does no good. Does anyone have an email or cell number for him? TIA.
  5. I just received a call from the number shown above and due to this thread, was able to ignore it. This is where the board is very useful. Thanks.
  6. Rich - let us know how to contact you please. Thanks.
  7. Check here on the Consulate site: https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/guadalajara/lake-chapalaajijic-services/
  8. Check Walmart's pet food section. Costco just showed Fancy Feast on their email today. 24 for 399.
  9. The plumbago photo doesn't appear in your first post that I can see, but does in your second post - there is a link on your first post but it goes nowhere - server problems maybe??
  10. There is no photo above of plumbago, which looks nothing like a hydrangea.
  11. chapalabirders@yahoo.com
  12. Tueste Francais - French Roast.
  13. Today is Dia de la Santa Cruz - patron saint of builders. That would probably be the reason for the celebrations.
  14. I'm grateful that we live in a municipality where those in charge appear to have the residents best interests at heart. Additionally we live in a state where the Governor has been pro-active, for which I am also grateful.
  15. Dr. Valle at Quality Care - not always easy to get an appointment though. 376 766 1870.
  16. You mean that all those people shopping at Walmart who are speaking Spanish are really gringos? Amazing!
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