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  1. Does anyone offer the service of returning a car to the US or Canada?
  2. as I understand it there are one or two companies that rent cars locally (i.e. not the ones at the airport) Can anyone give me more information and/or recommendations on that?
  3. We have guests coming and they have inquired about local "doggie day care." Is there such a thing, and if so, where? Thanks in advance
  4. Looking for a doctor who does Hormone Replacement Therapy--any recommendations?
  5. Can anyone tell me the date of the next consular visit at LCS? Need to start the passport renewal process. Thanks in advance.
  6. K--maybe I'm mistaken....I just noticed that the paint job had changed (removed the flower) and I haven't seen his truck there for a while.
  7. Who can you recommend? I've used Miguel in the past and have had a few problems, and in any case he has moved again (from next to Las Brises). Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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