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Long term rental wanted


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I mexican friend have a nice house in fracc los lirios in san antonio, 1 block of walmart, 1block to la floresta, gate comunity, pool and terraze, 2 beth, 2 bath, garage, mirador, laundry room inside, all furniture, back patio whit terraze, 1 floor, price $850usd. If you more info call Rully 3314451634, he can send you some pict of the house, saludos.

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I live in Mirasol. There is a house on Lirios that has recently been renovated for rental. I do not know the $$, but it is more than likely a

3 BR/1-1.5 bath, and it meets all your requirements.

Not fancy, easy parking on street + driveway behind a gate. 1 block in from carreterra. I would recommend a driveby and if you like the looks, leave a note for the landlord, who, by the way, speaks Spanish.

If you want , you can PM me for any questions about the area. 

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Last week I was having lunch at the American Legion and sat with 3 others.

From our discussion they were all looking for "cheap" accommodations. One mentioned that he was at the "Cow"apartments , 2/3 blocks north of Chapala plaza and was paying 4000 pesos per month.

Interestingly only 1 was from the US,  the others; 1 from New Zealand, and 1 from Australia    they were all on Tourist Visa and if the over stayed paid 500 pesos when they departed

I wonder how many indigent "gringos" there are around Lakeside who if were in the US would be "homeless"

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Thanks for the referrals so far

By "small" she is hoping for accordingly smaller rent.  Her current house is 7000 per month, but the landlord is taking it back for their relative to live in. She needs to operate a business out of the house with visitors, so don't think a fractionamiento or gated community will be an option. Hoping to find something around 10,000 pesos. No garden needed or off street parking

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