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  1. The gravel that makes you spin your tires for about 10 seconds as you try to merge into the 80kmh traffic ? Tons of it left over in Riberas on the side of the road.
  2. No, it just says for "indoor cats 1-6" They are Savory Chicken Entree . I might just eat them myself lol
  3. I want to do what this video recommends, but getting "Iron Out" here is like $60 dollars per gallon !. Anyone know what could be substituted using something available here ?
  4. Mexico has the best and easiest recycling/re-use system ! I put out some rusty corrugated steel roof panels which I replaced with new ones, gone overnight.
  5. Not if on your roof, but if you build a seperate stand for them, its more square footage....
  6. I had the predial increase 100% on my empty lot, because I built a light gauge shade roof for my vehicles....thanks Google Earth, oh well. Apparently they are also looking for pools and structures to support solar panels.
  7. Plenty of parking space near Christiania Park, all they need is a shuttle bus and some on site security. I also think functioning meters for central Chapala would be a good thing. Vast majority of tourist can afford the meter fee I would think.
  8. When I called Total Play about not being to find it they said " we don't have the rights to it" I hope the remaining games will be covered as my firestick went "missing" after a recent cleaning by a maid.
  9. Total Play did not have coverage of today' s World Cup match between The Netherlands and Argentina ! I couldn't believe it I went to Iron Horse and the bartender found it on some type of streaming service, yay ! It came down to the last kick in penalties after overtime, wow !
  10. That depends on the volume and frequency which is not the same today as maybe 10-20 years ago. Would you enjoy it every day ?
  11. Its like you don't even "own" your house NOB when you have to pay like $20k per year in property tax, NO THANKS
  12. LOL, in the last couple of days I've seen several motos fly by running straight through red lights. How else will you get your pizza in time ??
  13. Checkpoint or point where they check, no I was not pulled over this time by a patrol car, and since I learned to drive in Guadalajara in 1976 I've never been" shaken down" which I interpret as being asked for money for no infraction. I have no hesitation driving daytime with all my papers in order, but both my license and tarjeta de circulacion required replacement here in Jalisco so I was stuck having to face the consequences on the way home. Glad I could pay on the spot to continue rather than deal with tickets and or worse in Nuevo Laredo. No "talking" out of not having a driver's license or circulation card without some sort of payout. Shit happens and I lost my sacrificial wallet with them inside.
  14. After Columbia bridge you have to drive about 20 km before reaching the toll road. The check point was just before the toll roads. 3 National guard patrol cars were parked by the side of the road and I almost drove by when one of them flagged me over. Last year I was pulled over immediately after the immigration, but I had everything in order and wasn't guilty of any road infraction, so he let me go. They are always friendly at least
  15. Lots of cans available ( more than photo shows ) , $35 each for the BLUE, $40 each for science Diet. Located near Panchos Riberas
  16. I just drove across with my dog. Nobody cared about any paperwork coming or going.
  17. oh, I bet a guardia national officer would have accepted a healthy "offering". I just returned from the US and was without any drivers license or tarjeta de circulacion ( both were lost on the way up ). I ended up paying 1200 to be on my way at a random check point. Got replacements for both when I returned lakeside. Mexico was playing in the world cup so hardly any wait at any of the local offices For those who say to never pay a "bribe", to each his own, I chose the easy way to continue and was in no way interested in the legal fines and ramifications in Nuevo Laredo. Luckily I didn't lose my permanente card !
  18. Workers have to get around, as long as it runs, it will be on the roads. I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the jalopies I've seen over the years. In Mexico you as a driver have to be prepared for anything on the roads
  19. Thanks for this and to the facebook poster: I think the conclusion giving all expats a bad name is a little disrespectful to everyone. One or two bad apples doesn't sour the whole batch and the locals I'm sure aren't going to judge ALL expats especially as the facebook poster mentioned they were some Mexicans complaining as well. btw , it wasn't me,but 9 days might have driven me over the edge. The cohetes seem to be increasing in size, volume and frequency every year. Too bad they don't require chips inside, they might not have any !
  20. In order to get away from the sound of these cohetes so my dog won't panic during a walk, I took him to Cristiania Park in Chapala....and we could still hear them. Those who say "learn to live with them" are correct, we really have no choice...but to like them, hell no
  21. I was able to print out a document which will allow payment at OXXO.
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