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Ordering from Amazon USA or Amazon MX

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I finally got to order what I wanted. Amazon MX didn't carry it so I had to order from Amazon US. It cost under $6 but will end up costing $50. What a procedure. First I had to find a supplier who would ship to Mexico. Then to not have to pay for shipping I tried ordering a second thing that cost $25. But the $6 thing (which is all I really wanted) would have been an add on (added on to my next order!). So I finally found something for about $25 to which my $6 item would not be an add on and I ordered. The two things are being sent separately! so that the $25 one will have free shipping but the other will cost me $20 in shipping!!?? Nothing like this has ever happened when I ordered stuff sent to the US. 


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Hey all.  I have to buy an electronic item where if i was in the US, its very easy to buy it from amazon.com and it shipped quick because of amazon prime.  I have bought from mercadolibre before and its fine.  


But the thing is the electronics there, im not sure if the product is compatible with my specific computer etc.  I noticed there is amazon mexico and they do have a few electronics where im pretty certain would work for my computer.  Now i never purchased from amazon mexico before and have few questions.1


1.  I assume if i have amazon prime in the us, i can't use prime in mexico right?


2.  I have to create a brand new amazon account with amazon.mx even though i have an amazon.com us account?  Would this be hard since i can't understand spanish much?  I did open mercadolibre account and did it with google translate.  The thing is i spoke to amazon us on the phone and they said i have to create a new amazon account.  However, when i did this and entered my amazon us email address, the amazon mx site says there is already this email address.  Now amazon us says i can use my us amazon account on amazon mx.  True?


3.  How do i pay for the items?  I don't have a mexican card to pay for it.  Well i do have debit card but i don't know what my pin number is etc.  I could pay with my american debit/credit card?


4.  I could have it shipped to DHL office?  I did this with mercadolibre with no issue.


5.  How long does shipping take?  I notice that they seem to offer prime shipping in spanish and you would receive the item very quickly.  The thing is what i want to buy, its not that expensive.  Also seems like at least 599 peso minimum for free shipping.  The thing is i want to get this product fast.  How much more in shipping would i have to pay for it?  Regular shipping takes similar to like the us right?  


6.  I logged into my amazon.com account.  Then went to amazon.com MX.  I added the item i want to buy.  The thing is how do i put down the address i want to send it to?  It would be the dhl office where im located.  Im not in this area but another part of mexico.  So am i suppose to fill out the address as DHL?  Also seem to be option to choose residential or commercial address when using google translate.  I assume its commerical since i would put DHL?


7.  So if the item i want to buy is around 450 pesos, i read that there is also a 16 percent tax added to it in addition?  Now can someone tell me how much shipping would cost?  It would not hit the 599 peso minumum for free shipping.  Such as about how much it cost if i do regular shipping vs fast shipping?  I don't mind paying a bit more to get it faster.


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2. Same account. Just try to log in, and you'll know right?

3. Not sure if us card works. Mexican debit card should work, no pin required. I would say again, just try.

4/6. Not sure why you want to ship it to DHL office unless you work there? Often it isn't shipped by DHL but an other transporter. So shipping it to DHL seems unlogic.

5/7. Shipping cost and time depends on the item, you can choose the shipping method when ordering and you'll see the total cost and time before you confirm the order.

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We use our USSA credit cards when shopping on Amazon MX.  They have their own delivery system and do not use DHL.  They deliver to our door usually within 2 days using Amazon Prime.  It all depends on if it is an import item.  As stated above, they will give you an estimated delivery date when you are ordering.

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Hi thanks for the response.  I made order from my amazon.com account... well i logged into it first, then log into amazon mexico and it works.  I placed the order and i paid for 2 day shipping for it.  I put the DHL office because i have no mailbox in this building.  Do most of you even have mailboxes?  Here its rare.


 Once i did that, i added the item and i placed the order and it seems to work as the order has went through.  Well at first there was error because my bank card rejected it but then i put down yes that is me.  I see that it says shipped and there is a tracking number and it says this when i used google translate



Sent with AMZMX




First off, what is AMZMX?   What carrier did they use to ship it?  And how do i track the package?  It does show that it was shipped already etc.  Also i put the DHL office here... i previously put the DHL office here with mercado libre.  So that means once i see from amazon that package arrived, then i go to DHL to pick it up right?  I saw an option to get 30 day free trial of amazon prime but that did not work because it said my bank card which is my american bank card is not Mexican based.  So i just paid for 2 day shipping which was over 130 pesos or so for the item.  Because when i used mercado libre to buy a few things, they used DHL and i used DHL office as they place i had them ship it to because well there are no mailboxes here.  But the shipping is very reliable like in the US right with amazon?  I was very impressed when i bought from mercadolibre.

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