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  1. Love those Reverse Polish calculators!
  2. Give this a try and see if it is more like what you have in mind. Click on "Settings" (gear icon) Scroll down to "Theme" Click on "View All" Scroll down to the pastel colors Click on "Soft Gray" Click on "Inbox" Does this look like what you want?
  3. Did SASMEX provide any early warning? It would be a nice concept if it works.
  4. If you are searching for a person by both first and last name try putting the name in quotation marks. e.g. "John Doe"
  5. Fifteen centimeters is right around six inches. Even 15 millimeters would be over half an inch and would require more than just a dab of spackling.
  6. OP has one post on TOB so may not yet be able to receive PMs.
  7. You should be able to do it on your My Social Security page. If you do not already have a My Social Security page I don't believe that you will be able to create one from outside of the U.S.
  8. I've been seeing "Abby Normal" posts coming from that device since 2011. I haven't noticed any quality issues.
  9. My Canadian friend was vaccinated while he spent the winter in California. After he returned to Canada he tried to register his vaccinations on the California registry and was refused due to being in Canada. For California, anyway, they care about where you are domiciled and not where you were when vaccinated. I would think that you might work around that problem with a VPN. Does My State Have A Vaccine App?
  10. ...more of the cocina topic, but I just wanted to catch the eyes of anyone.... Am I really the only one who sees all of this crap? Does everybody else have to specifically search out each and every new post? The first time I took notice of this phenomenon was when the board blew because the pet column was reorganized and people were afraid that nobody would ever be able to find reports of downtrodden dogs and cats. Why do I see every new post and others apparently see only the posts that don't matter to them? Is this a conspiracy? I don't mean to introduce politics into this but i do use Linux.
  11. You may find some info in this conversation from 2018.
  12. I saw the same message. No lingering problem with Chrome.
  13. I agree with Shag. I would try white noise for awhile before considering packing up and moving. I've had a couple of smart displays (one Lenovo/Google and one Amazon) and both have ambient noise machines with many choices of whatever type of noise is desired. Everything from white noise, grey noise, pink noise, surf, wind, crickets, crackling fire,....you name it. When my Lenovo crapped out I nearly panicked wondering how I would get through a few nights waiting for the replacement to arrive.
  14. Does that powder simply flavor the milk or does it thicken the milk like the cultured buttermilk from the refrigerator case.
  15. I read recently that you must be fully vaccinated for two weeks prior to crossing into Canada to avoid quarantine. I have no plan to go to Canada anytime soon so I didn't pay close attention to where I read it.
  16. Here is an interesting article from the CDC on how the virus was recreated in the lab. The article is fairly short and only gets bogged down in jargon in a few places. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/reconstruction-1918-virus.html#discovering
  17. No need, he had a UV light shoved up his, uh,.....self.
  18. Jeez, I hoped nobody would notice. Somehow I posted it twice and while trying to remove one of those I ended up with the third one. I firmly believe in the advice: If at first you don't succeed try and try again, then quit. There's no point in making a damned fool of yourself.
  19. Communist China, Capitalist United States----six of one , half dozen of the other.
  20. More than 20 years on forums and you still feed every troll who comes along?
  21. I don't know if this is true in Mexico but in the U.S. non-Amazon stores (Best Buy, Target, etc.) are still selling brand new older 4K models while Amazon is selling only their newest models and some refurbs. The same may be true in Mexico. AFAIK the difference between the 2020 release and the 2021 release is the addition of 4 pre-selected channel buttons on the 2021 remote. I am not a fan of those buttons so I prefer the 2020 release which is not available from Amazon---at least in the U.S. Pay close attention to model numbers and release dates.
  22. I hope you're thinking of Pink Slime and not Soylent Green. Soylent Green will probably come soon enough.
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