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  1. Or did he get lucky for not being cited for having NOB plates? I don't know if the OP has a permanente visa but if he does, that was the greater infraction.
  2. We finally gave up on DISH this week. We had our networks tied to a Brooklyn address. They have been stating low or loss of signal. Everytime we would get the satellite tuned in for better reception, they would change the satellite and/or the transponder. Got tired of the game and canceled them.
  3. desafinada


    I started using fresh mint for my tzatziki because fresh dill of a good quality was hard to find.
  4. Any polleria will do muslo sin hueso sin piel.
  5. The large Sherwin Williams in Riberas next to R&R does an excellent job of paint matching.
  6. I usually use 332 785 0259. I'm not sure the landline numbers are valid anymore.
  7. I believe Gosha's will be open on Christmas day. The GDL Reporter article does not answer the OP question. It is about dinners.
  8. Does anyone have a better description of what the device is? Is it earphones with a receiver or a neck loop device? Thanks
  9. Also, fill a large garbage barrel with water. Put the lid on it to keep from breeding mosquitos.
  10. I just finished installing a new UV treatment unit that I bought on Amazon USA. It is a HQUA-TWS-12. The price was very good especially considering that it came with spares of the two wear parts, the quartz glass sleeve and the UV lamp. This unit is a designed much better than the Mass 8SS that is typically used in this area. It also has a capacity of 12 gal per minute which matches the maximum output of my pump. The new unit is much easier to maintain than the Mass, and replacement maintenance parts are available on Amazon USA. I kept the old filter system. I buy washable filters (a hose and good water pressure are needed) rather than work with a back flush system. I like to inspect the filters and replace them when that is warranted. That of course is just personal preference. I have done quite a lot of plumbing over the years and for me the installation of the HQUA unit was fairly easy. I wouldn't advise trying it if you are inexperienced. I hope this is helpful.
  11. We have found the Farmacia Guadalajara in the SAT complex to have higher prices than any of the others. The one on the way into Chapala referenced above usually had the best prices. Sorry to hear they are moving.
  12. Does anyone know how this is working for those of us with permanente? Does this mean we don't need to fill out the salida prior to departing GDL?
  13. We have been buying our grill charcoal from Soriana but lately their quality has been lacking. Does anyone have a good consistent source they are using? Thanks.
  14. I have tried several times to order New Balance from Amazon MX with no luck. Each time I would order a model number that I had bought NOB using the MX size in the tongue of the shoe. It would arrive a half size smaller. We've had this experience with both women's and men's shoes. We gave up.
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