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  1. All you have to do is move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone. That's all.
  2. I went there 2 days ago. She told me she did not have them
  3. That's great. Where in Riberas is the "Plant Store"?
  4. Is it safe for fish? I went there a couple of days ago and they didn't have anything.
  5. Maybe I'm not doing the right searches. Please post the link to one that you have found. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, but none of those places have fertilizer for water lillies...
  7. Anyone know where I can buy fertilizer for my water lilies? I used to get it from the vivero near Telmex, but they are long gone. TIA
  8. As I mentioned, I have the RFC, Constancia and a SAT password. When I sign in, I can see where I can update my email address, but not other details. My concern is that if I go to CFE and present the Constancia, it won't work because the address is different from my CFE bill.
  9. I have my RFC and Constancia, but I need to update my address. Does anyone know how to do this online?
  10. The + sign is used by the cellphone system. It is automatically replaced by the international access code for the country you happen to be in. For example of you are in the USA it will be replaced by 011 In Mexico and most other countries it will be replaced by 00
  11. You are correct. Creating a system image from a corrupted system is not going to help much
  12. Yes but my bank will be required to report the large deposit to the IRS
  13. Thank you! That's what I was looking for!
  14. I'm sorry I asked. I assume nobody can recommend a local US Tax lawyer, as I originally asked.
  15. My original posting was trying to locate an expert locally. I specifically said "no amateurs please" I'm more than willing to pay a tax attorney. Just got to find one.
  16. Thanks for the response. I assume your are a knowledgeable person. Are you saying that I'm not liable for capital gains tax for a foreign owned property? My US Bank is required to report large deposits to the IRS. What will they do with that information?
  17. Is there a local consultant on US taxes, relating to the upcoming sale of my home here.? I would like to find a qualified person. Please, no amateur opinions. TIA
  18. After trying with Express VPN installed on my router, I decided it was much better to have it on all my individual devices. That way I could easily disable it on my phone and not affect laptop etc. Disabling VPN installed in the router is not straightforward, and the result is disabled for everyone connected.
  19. The problem with streaming, specifically to get live TV, is that the iptv services available here (Clear Choice is the current favorite) tend to have a short life. Maybe shorter than Shaw. This is simply because they are streaming unlicensed content, and sooner or later the authorities catch up with them and shut them down. I am a current Clear Choice user, but over the past few years I have had to switch to a new service every once in a while. I don't have great expectations for the longevity of Clear Choice.
  20. I would, not only because it's a very nice place to visit, but I have many friends and relatives there. Their COVID situation is no better or worse than anywhere else. Why the snarky remark? Have you ever been there?
  21. Is there a fund where we can contribute to their travel expenses. (One way only)
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