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Pay for general labour


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I pay my full time laborer 1500 pesos per week here in Santa Cruz, which is higher than the standard wage of 200 pesos per day. However I believe the gringos in Ajijic pay substantially more.

To have a farrier come out to trim my horses feet (takes about 30 minutes) costs 110 pesos.

I locked myself out of the house and had to smash a glass door panel to unlock the door. Glass guy came out and removed the broken glass, took measurements, went to Chapala to have the replacement glass cut to fit, reinstalled glass. Four hours total. Cost including glass: 200 pesos.

Had an iron worker near Walmart fabricate one lousy L-shaped bracket. All I had him do was to bend a foot long piece if steel flat bar 90 degrees and drill two holes for screws. It took five minutes. Cost 80 pesos!

My advice is to source workers from the countryside if possible..otherwise you'll pay double.

I hope that helps a little.

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Standard pay here is Maestro $1700-$2000 all are depending on experience and the length of the contract you need

Albanil $1500- $1800 Example 1 week only you would pay a higher price

media Albanil $1400-$1600 Specialized work say tiling a bathroom you would want a lot of experience Maestro would be best

Chalon/Peon $1200-$1400

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If you pay them by the week they slow way down near the end. If you pay them by the square meter as most Mexicans do, be ready to keep a close eye on the quality. They will get what they can from you depending on your skill level. Been there, done that and I still admire them mucho.

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