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  1. Agreed dcstroker...much safer in my point of view, better selection and no need to return for a long whille. As for checkpoints the one going north into Guadalajara was extremely busy vs the one going south into Chapala where there was one car ahead of us. Going north they wanted to know where we were going and talked about precautionary measures and they took our temperature. Going south wanted to see some ID and proof of residence.
  2. Thanks suegarn...was not sure if they were going to give their staff the day off or not due to the stressful times.
  3. I did...they are not answering the phones.
  4. Anyone know, for sure, if Costco is open on Easter Sunday?
  5. Heads up...construction on toll road between Aguascalientes and Zacatecas yesterday, Sunday, delayed us by one hour...we reached Mcallen and got on the bridge for Anzalduas crossing and it took us 4:45 -- that is 4 HOURS and 45 minutes to cross into US. Asked the border guard about the other bridges and he said Hidalgo just as bad and Pharr is CLOSED. Do not try to cross on Sundays he said that is the worse time!
  6. Thank you Telmex {sarcasm here} our internet service went out on November 10th and we waited until November 16th for the resumption of service, at 1/2 the speed we previously had! We were getting 10 Mbps before Nov. 10, had been for over two years, and now have 5 Mbps. Called telmex and was told that we were bumped off 5 for "someone else" and will get our 10 back when they get around to installing a new server. Having been a telmex customer for 14 years this is galling to say the least. When we can get internet service from another company we will certainly jump at the chance. 5Mbps is barely OK for just surfing the net, but we use a software program that crashes at that speed. (we are located in San Antonio Tlayacapan)
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