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  1. This is a similar but not problem to this post. I have my certificate for both Vaccines and worked well. My wife got her first download of first jab easily on may (actually vaccinated February) 2021 I have been trying to get her certificate for the second one (both) but it just wont download. Now if she was in the system for the first one she should be in it for the second. ? I nice Mexican lady also tried to get it on the new number in What's app and she had no luck. Anybody help here. She has the original document But We would like to have the newer Government one.
  2. got a great contractor and quickly start in 2 days. Thanks for the help.
  3. you can PM me I am willing to listen without prejudice.
  4. Thank you I understand and it is never a good time around here but if I had the name of a general repair contractor I could talk to him and get some input at least.
  5. I do like to give work to the individuals who need work around Chapala but I am afraid they just don't seem to finish or have the tools to do the work satisfactory. I have stucco hairline cracks I need repaired that were in the house for a while. I would like to finish all the eyesores in order to sell the house. So I need a general contractor with the tools and time to do this work. Need some help if anyone knows who can do this.
  6. It would be nice if people would not keep saying "If you don't like the type of vaccine go to the Us and have it there. Not everyone is a US citizen. It would be just better to do what everyone is doing in Mexico and take the vaccine that is available and not only Mexicans are taking but many other countries have taken successfully.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used the delivery service to Chapala from Costco and ,what has been their service like.
  8. Pretty sure we went to this doctor (recommended by Dr Justina) 3 visits he came to our house once. My wife was in pain. never helped much but maybe now he has upgraded his procedures.
  9. looking for a company that can get me plants and put them in my garden. the hedges i had were demolished by ants
  10. Still checking all my connections found cable to be. Cable is damaged so changed out and is much better
  11. Finally got high speed with a price.Now the phone is on the same modem and the sound is terrible also if you shut the modem off to reboot or if it breaks down no lanline anymore. Try and get a hold of anyone these days ...not easy. Speeds are great though!
  12. I just paid the bill by credit card yesterday online. worked good
  13. obviously they are not all available online. Telmex does much more then take and give information. they do repairs updates in the field and houses also install new phones. I am surprised how many people don't consider that. Contact in the offices are obviously minimum with Telmex employees and easily managed. also field workers are not seen unless they come to your house and do repairs etc. even then there can be plans in place. Rainy season is a high work period for them.
  14. Well you may think that way if you like but if opening bars and party spots are less likely to spread COVID than opening Telmex doesn't take much common sense to know that's not so. The reason for them still being closed is they are deemed non essential but bars and Parties are so, people who have no phones cannot get in touch with emergency services.
  15. Ilox may be bad but Telmex is CLOSED in Ajijic but open in every other place in Jalisco . I have no idea why Telmex is not open in our area for so long as we have had the lowest COVID problems than anywhere else in Jalisco, at least this part of Jalisco. Anyone know what is going on here. All other cable companies are working. They have been closed for at least 2 months now.
  16. I Think the Chapala Mayor and Town officials have done a first class job for the last few months (even though the amount of virus infections were low in Jalisco) so why relax now when the infection rate is just booming in Mexico and to be clear is extremely high in Guadalajara. I just do not understand the strategy of relaxing the efforts now.
  17. I get mine from Amazon no problems to date. I always had problems doing it independently. I get Usually MX but if not US
  18. I was with Bellon for 3 or so years. changed now as was not happy with increases and lack of renewal followups. Went to Tri- corp like them better but Sorry if your looking for same type of management that you had at home better get ready to be disappointed,
  19. Hi Phil    I just need confirmation from you when you

     paid for renewing drivers license at the office at degollado actually got an official receipt and what paperwork did you need to get this receipt. I also do not know if this would cover any problems if transisto police stopped you anywhere.

  20. Okay I just need confirmation from Phil who paid for renewing drivers license at the office at degollado actually got an official receipt and what paperwork did you need to get this receipt. I also do not know if this would cover any problems if transisto police stopped you anywhere.
  21. sure go as a group and put yourselves at risk. i think Spenser could maybe see if conditions could be met just to renew licenses in Chapala. I am sure it could be easily monitored here for safety rather than full crowds in Guadalajara and full carloads.
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