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  1. Thanks for posts. I went to Computerland (Ruben) yesterday. Cell Phone tech was working. Diagnosed problem in 5 minutes and solution.
  2. Recommendations lakeside? Glass is almost totally separated from body within the past 2 days. Still working barely. Thanks
  3. We're in our 10 year of using a projector and a wall mounted screen. This is one of the best sites for setting up a projector/screen, how to. https://www.projectorcentral.com I just used their tool for setting up a ceiling mounted projector. Secondly they have thousands of reviews on projectors. First step is the space you are going to use. That will determine the size of the screen and projector that will work within the space. The amount of light from windows, doorways has to be addressed. Can you use drapes, close doors to reduce. We have a Epson projector that is designed for bright light spaces. New projectors have multiple inputs, HDMI being the most popular. Outputs are limited as thats not the purpose of a projector. Other than casting a picture onto a screen. I'm not clear as to how your TV comes into the setup.
  4. Disable your translation app, i.e. Google Translate on your browser if in place. After quickly connecting this am to register, got to page 2, inputting phone number, email, location etc. Hit "Send" nothing. Exited and tried 3x more, no success. Saw that the submission was attempting to go through Google translate first which did not work.
  5. Max per transfer is 980.0 USD, no limit on # of transfers. I just did 2 in one day. In checking with TW they are working on a new set of parameters with their partner on Mexico transfers, so the current limit is not seen as being long term.
  6. "Riberas was one of the areas that lagged for long time."......noting that SJC and further West is never mentioned. Not even Ilox wants to discuss, they just want those west of SJC to get refunds, that way it will be the consumer's fault that service was never provided to those areas, they weren't willing to wait 3 years, no demand in the area.
  7. Thx Ferret, sums it all up. Prepaid March 2018, 2 locations. .....after going into the Ilox Office in late November, 2019 and being told maybe 6 months, mid 2020 before installs would be done in the SJC to Las Fluentes corridor, I was asked at the time if I wanted a refund. Which I declined. My perception was that the office person in Ajijic was following a script that if any one who has paid from the SJC to Las Fluentes comes in, seeking information, ask them if they want a refund. As soon as I mentioned I lived east of SJC, the rep was apologetic, understanding. So in January I put in for a refund. Its ironic that I've had better communication with the Ilox rep in Ajijic, several emails, making sure I had all the required docs submitted. More communications in a couple of weeks as compared to 3 msg's prior, since March of 2018.
  8. Well thats great for those who have the service.....while those living in between SJC and Las Fluentes have nothing.
  9. Thx Computer Guy for the info. Hoping some of those 400 units will make their West, however given past Ilox install focus, most will be used in the core area.
  10. RE: Ilox service on West end of lake. Stopped by the Ilox office two weeks ago, was told 6 months. Finally subscribed to Telcel Wireless, works great, has a data cap, but 10 down, 5-10 up consistently is far better than .8 down/.3 up and unfilled contractual obligations from Ilox. While at the office I asked if I lived in Ajijic, core area, if I signed up today, would I get service within a week? YES, without any hesitation.
  11. I really enjoy reading about a quick install, not only once, but now a second time, for a non pre paid? Using money I contributed the project no less, while I've got no service. I started this thread for prepaids not being serve, not those that jumped on the bandwagon, got quick installs.
  12. Well from all of the comments, no response from Ilox via email yet, it appears that from San Antonio, installation is going to the far West in Las Fuentes, skipping San Juan Cosala and then moving from West to East to SJC? Or until there is a spike in installs in the core area and they shift back there. Appreciate everyone's comments, realize that many of these sub topics have been posted/revisted/commented on in numerours posts. When you got nothing, you got nothing
  13. The purpose of this post was to address concerns of the Prepaids, those who put money up front to get the project started, and who are still waiting to get service. So posting comments about literally getting service on the fly, no previous investment, isn't relevant to the post. Understand that I have 17,000.0 invested in the project since March of 2018 and will probably still be waiting come January of 2020 for service.
  14. Final comment, unless I get an email to my question as to when installs will start from SJC to Joco. There is really no urgency/incentive for Ilox to do installs SJC and to the West. Reason being is that Telmex is not doing any upgrades. Reality is that our service has declined from a max of 1.75 down over the last 8 years to .8 download. So Ilox given what is being offered, has the "new monopoly" on internet service to the West. As there are far fewer prepaids/potential subscribers SJC/West as compared to the core area, the possibility of losing some prepaids, giving refunds, is secondary to the market potential in the core area. And is a potential customer in the West going to sign up now? Where no one has any service in the area. So anyone like myself, with such poor Telmex service, no hope of improvement, has nothing to lose, fall back on. Unlike Telmex customers in the core area who have/ had decent service, say 5+, with upgrades being done. IMO until new signups level off in the core area, to where crews can be shifted to the West, we could be in for a long wait, probably into next year. Needless to say Its frustrating to look at the Ilox cable going to the East, when I drive down to the highway every day or so. In closing I'll quote a Telmex rep via phone who said to me, after I'd called 3 weeks in a row, "Don't worry about the Internet, Mr. Smith, it will be ok"
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