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  1. My life does not revolve around this webboard, unlike yours.  I do not want to be a member and have to associate with the likes of you.  You are, in the true sense of the word, creepy. 

  2. Tom Gates, This person had many ways to find a place for this dog. There is Lucky Dog, and The Ranch just to start. He was a cruel, nasty, pig of a person. Shame on you for coming up with a stupid excuse.
  3. Edited by moderator to remove personal political communication. use the PM function please. Thanks.
  4. Please get a second opinion from Dr. Briseno @ Quality Care. He is the best cardiologist around and his partner in healing is his father, an equally good cardiologist. And, he is able to work in a number of hospitals in Guadalajara. He is a win-win guy.
  5. Not yet, Mainecoons. Just wait- it will be horrible right through August. It has been slow. This will hit Mexico just like Italy.
  6. Look Eric, my post did relate to the OP as far as I am concerned, and I did change the wording. He is taking charge not at all. There are millions of poverty stricken Mexicans that will die because of his leadership. Perhaps it will be you or me. I have no need to garner personal attention. That is how I feel, along with most of the other posts. Do not get holier than thou. This pandemic is no joke, and what is needed is a strong leader that takes this problem seriously.
  7. HoneyBee- you got taken, just like we did. Flores charged us almost $50,000 US for ONE stent for my husband in 2011. He is evil, evil, evil. It was a horrible event and he is a horrible doctor.
  8. He is a wonderful person as well as the best cardiologist this side of anywhere. And, sm1mex is correct-he does not substitute his services. He has an assistant with him, but she is not substituted for him. RUN to get an appointment with him, or call 766-1870. Lety is also a wonderful receptionist- really a Girl Friday. she takes care of business!
  9. Luz @ LCS is probably the best with progressive eyeglasses. She is there on Thursdays, and you need an appointment. She has a sign-up sheet. My glasses were done perfectly. She is not cheap! But, worth the price.
  10. It is a great idea. You won't know if you will be successful until you give it a try. Of course getting the word out is tantamount to your success. Just have enough money to keep you going for the first year, anyway, and hire Mexicans that can speak English since your cliental will probably be mostly Gringoes initially. Good Luck.
  11. We are also having TV problems and asked them to change our IP number and we received a response saying they would look into it. Is it advisable to change back to Telmex services, or are they still behind the ball?
  12. You have a pre-existing condition- you take statins and have high blood pressure. $2000 is not a big deductible. You may be forced to have a larger deductible. You will have to run around to all the insurance agents and discuss this with them. A chat board is not the place to find the answer to your question.
  13. kam, does that mean it will be noisier? I feel so badly for the dogs.
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