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  1. My wife is the oldest of 14, but 4 is the most any of her brothers and sisters have. One young niece has 4 already and her young sister has 3 already. Both just as poor as can be, but get that free milk. No education, just like both parents. Sad.
  2. Don't believe everything you read.
  3. I don't believe the AMLO Adm. has the money to buy much vaccine. That is why they are dragging their feet.
  4. Bubba, you aint got no horse, you are All Hat !!!
  5. Exactly what one would expect from people like you.
  6. When was it expected that the peak would be reached? September or October?
  7. Stats are about 98% positive that they will. If they take some precautions., even better.
  8. And, of course those who will die because they cannot work to feed and take care of health needs of their families. I believe they are called poor people. We seem to have lots here in Mexico.
  9. This one is a Civil Eng., builds the streets in housing developments.
  10. Brother-in-law takes. No idea what he does with it.
  11. I think it is the ones doing socialization. They are young and healthy and are not afraid of getting the virus. Their job is not to look out for us, that is solely our job. You can't blame others if you get it, although you can try.
  12. Or, do it yourself. I still enjoy doing those things myself, even at almost 80.
  13. I thought foreigners who became citizens got an INE, no? But father-in-law gets both ! Hummm!
  14. For what it is worth: wife tells me her father gets a monthly SS Pension and then every 2 months he gets more than 2600p extra. Don't have any details.
  15. JALISCO GOVERNOR SAYS MEXICO DOES NOT WANT THE EXTENT OF COVID-19 TO BE KNOWN https://www.solmexiconews.com/jalisco-governor-says-mexico-does-not-want-the-extent-of-covid-19-to-be-known/?fbclid=IwAR08lCyV3yL-pFd80udMiF4IepRpM5hj_N4XX70G6VfooZOYr3KuCAp7eqw
  16. One would think adults would understand, no matter what it is called. Just shows how many immature children are members here. Everything is a Lot more important than what a person refers to it by name. We all know it originated in Wuhan, China. THAT will NEVER change. Grow up, "politically correct" children; no one cares what you think since 2016, and that will continue into 2024.
  17. I love it how some here just MUST have the last word, forever !!! It must maintain their ego.
  18. So, now you have several here who recommend the best at Lakeside, yet you still want others? I think you may have more problems that finding out if you really need a stent, unless you are qualified to read an x-ray.
  19. Where my family members live, that is not what is allowed there. You must first call ahead to your doctor to get referred and directions, if your doctor thinks you need to be tested. You cannot just show up at the Emergency Room, as they will not allow you to enter for the CV, but they will inform you where to go to be checked for symptoms first, before the test is to be administered. The thing with the test is that it will not tell you that tomorrow you may not get the CV. So, unless you have strong symptoms, it is a waste of time and test. They will tell you to stay home to see if you get worse. I believe too many think that if they can get tested and they do not have it, then they are "home free". Not true. People need to wake up.
  20. If a person has the CV, but does not become severe and does not meet, for whatever reason, the guidelines to be tested, will we ever know how serious this CV is here in Mexico? And, if a person dies at home here from the CV, but was not tested, do they then test them for CV, or just list them as dying from the flu because of similar symptoms ( as many here have died already this season from flu like symptoms) ? And do the numbers reported by Mexico make us feel warm and fuzzy?
  21. Lots of "newbie" experts have arrived to help us through this event.Just sayin'
  22. Can't be treated the same as the flu because (1) there is not a vaccine, (2) doctors do not know what treatments yet will work to help, like they do with the flu, and (3) it spreads a lot more rapidly than the flu. Seems to have the fact that more vulnerable(those with other health conditions) people are at high risk in common with the flu, but that may be a characteristic of all respiratory viruses. I hope you don't believe what you suggest here. Surely you are more intelligent than that, Alan? I will also say that if countries are able to keep the deaths totals less than with the flu, their leadership will have done an outstanding job handling this situation.
  23. A lot, isn't it, and the season is not over yet. Biggest problems are nonvaxxers and older people with other advanced conditions. Just think how many lives were spared because they did have the vaccination.
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