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  1. I've never known an M/C owner who doesn't want a newer, bigger, better ride.... 😃
  2. Any restaurants in Lakeside feature a roast beef special days/evenings?
  3. The following was posted early today on Tio Domingo's Facebook page (https://business.facebook.com/s.esparza79/ ) Google translation - "Due to the death of my father, Tío Domingo Restaurant will remain closed until January 20 and will hold its novena in the place that was his life and that will continue from the 21st. Thank you very much for your understanding atten. Esparza Ibón Family"
  4. Beto... We spoke this afternoon about Honey Garlic Wing sauce. Show this to your brother:
  5. Has anyone tried to pay online with a Non Mexican credit card? My Canadian CIBC card doesn't seem to work.
  6. Thanks Bisbee Gal... a friend found one for me at the "Dollar Store".....
  7. Where can I find an oven thermometer to purchase locally.... i.e. "Lakeside"?
  8. Luis Miramontes miramontes-transfer@hotmail.com 331 307 8289 376 766-1142
  9. Here's a map...... Hopefully you know where Dona Lola's is... the 4th street on the lake side,west of Colon in Ajijic.
  10. We were at Costco this past Sunday at 11AM. Very long lineups at the checkouts. We were at the optical desk and they were open. No idea if the Hearing Aid desk was open.
  11. From their Facebook page (https://business.facebook.com/christianpierrebouleau/?ref=br_rs) 624-358-0247 or 33-1178-9781
  12. Leaving nothing to chance...... Can I presume that the Walmart Antigen test results are available in hard copy AND by email? Also in English ? ? ? ?
  13. Muchas gracias..... Were booked for our tests on the Sunday, "the day before" we fly to the USA - on the way to Canada.
  14. A sign on the Walmart tent testing centre says they are open on Sundays. I didn't confirm this and also don't know the time(s) they are open. Perhaps someone can confirm the opening and times......
  15. Yes... But I'm changing planes in DFW. I just checked the Walmart Covid testing tent and their sign says they are open on Sundays.
  16. C'est facile pour toi dis-tu.....
  17. I am a Canadian and, unless the Cdn Gov't. changes the rules, my wife and I will need a PCR test to fly home for Christmas. I'd be interested in any personal experiences that others have with getting and using a PCR test in the area to fly to Canada.
  18. Here is their web page: https://www.laboratorioclinicoellago.com.mx/#inicio Click on "Contact" to see a map. By going to "street view", it is actually on Juarez - the north - south street immediately east of the bus station, and the first doorway north of Miguel Martinez (the bus station street):
  19. Here's a picture of their menu. Unfortunately, the menu is plasticised so the picture does't show well. Perhaps Beto can post a non-plasticised picture or scan of the menu. Tried the burger yesterday and it really was "Damn Good"!
  20. Where in the airport is the PCR test facility located? What are the hours of operation? Has anyone actually done the test there?
  21. Are frozen pie shells available here ?
  22. Why wouldn't you keep your Temp. Resid. visa for the year, and then renew it for 3 more years. That way you can keep and drive your Canadian car here After the 4 yr. resident visa runs out... apply for a permanente at that point.
  23. Is the Canadian Club of Lake Chapala still in operation?
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