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  1. Insurance is by its very nature a pooling arrangement and relies on a bunch of people paying in and relatively few taking out. It also relies on lots of people paying in for years before or if they ever use it. It is really most effective as a "hedge" against really catastrophic events that could wipe you out and is not very efficient for "financing" simple day to day medical expenses. One analogy that is used in the insurance business is that you can't by home insurance once your house is on fire. So you can't wait until you get sick to buy health insurance. The "outrageous penalty" is just making up for the time that you weren't paying into the system but others were. You want to go back in so you have to make up some or all of what you would have paid if you had staid in. The government rationale for selling an insurance product to U.S. citizens/residents, in the U.S., for use in the U.S. seems pretty logical to me but I guess I am missing something. I guess I agree that insurance is different from lots of other things. We may not like it but it works exactly the way it is designed to.
  2. In my earlier post I said "key" when I should have said "key fob". Our friend got a new key fob and had it programmed with the guys in Chapala. And as ComputerGuy said they had to have everything reprogrammed so they all work. Everything working perfectly now for him.
  3. Even though it seems to be a reasonably affordable expense I would strongly suggest you have an attorney draw up the finquito and calculate the payment. The employee should go to the attorney's office and sign the finquito in their presence. And the attorney will hand them the money. Perhaps not absolutely necessary as you are leaving the area but it is pretty inexpensive "insurance" making sure it is calculated correctly and documented correctly. Pretty simple and no lingering doubts or concerns. Several suggestions for attorneys in many threads on this subject on this web board. You really can't go wrong by doing it right.
  4. I have the Mi Telcel app on my phone and pay monthly from that app. I even have it linked to a U.S. credit card and set up for automatic monthly payments/deposits. Been using it for years with no problems other than when a credit card expired and I forgot to enter the new information. Just try the Google or Apple stores and search for Mi Telcel.
  5. A friend of ours just got a new key and had it programmed at a locksmith's in Chapala. It was not a Nissan but you might check it out in order to save a trip into Guadalajara. When you get into Chapala (going east from Ajijic) you will come to a traffic light as you enter town. Go straight through that light for a block and a half. The locksmith is on the right a couple of doors into the second block. Best locksmith in the area by far.
  6. Our agent is Jesus Tejeda. His office is in Guadalajara but he has many clients lakeside and is very responsive. The plan we selected with him is through AXA. We have had several significant claims and have been completely satisfied with the claim payment process. One thing to note is that pretty much all private insurance plans have annual increases in premiums as you get older. You will be able to stay enrolled in the private plan you select but premiums will definitely increase. Be sure to include that in your decision process and plan for it. 333-667-0499 (His cell # and probably the best way to reach him) jesus@tejedainsurance.com My only thought on IMSS is that although you may be able to enroll now, there is no guarantee that things won't change. If you happen to be declined renewal with IMSS for any reason down the road, you could wind up with problems. For example, having medical issues while on IMSS might be treated as pre-existing conditions by a new insurance company or program. Also, if you happen to lose IMSS and are over 70 your insurance options will be very limited. Just something to consider. Lots of options and a very personal decision.
  7. I want to add my voice to those thanking Ted for working so hard to make this happen. I have been connected and I'm thrilled. I was one of the original prepaid group and my service was installed about 10 days ago. The technicians that came to my house were very experienced, focused and friendly. When the installation was completed they asked me to do a speed test and the results were - and are - outstanding. I gave them a tip and a couple of cokes. All in all a great experience. They even called when they were ready to come to my house to make sure I was home and to confirm the address. I would suggest that it might make sense to stop by the Ilox office if you are in Ajijic centro and have not been contacted. They may have tried to reach you but haven't been able to do so - for whatever reason. Couldn't hurt. I'm not sure who within Ilox speaks English. I don't think the technicians did but not sure. I also am not sure about the office. I have only been there once and my conversation and the other customers in there at the time happened to be speaking Spanish. Thanks again to Ted for making this happen. This is a game changer! I couldn't be happier with the opportunity, process and outcome.
  8. REC

    Smart IPTV App

    Glad you got it to work with ExpressVPN. I've been using it for a while and every once in a while I have had to try different servers but have always been successful. And the support folks at ExpressVPN have been very helpful.
  9. I'm always a bit intrigued by the idea of "getting the government out of energy" (or anything else) anywhere including Mexico. Let's look at electricity. Production and Distribution are related but different things. On the Distribution side would it make sense for each company that wants to compete in the "energy" business (electricity as an example) has to incur the capital cost of a huge and expensive power grid - large towers, high tension power lines, land/right of way, distribution to the community level and ultimately to the individual home or business? VERY expensive and duplicating all that infrastructure seems like it would increase costs significantly. Look at places around here where Ilox is not able to use Telmex conduits so some places are simply locked out of the Ilox option. Similar issue with electrical distribution. On the production side perhaps privatization might make sense in some cases. But that hasn't really happened in tons of places around the world but I guess it could have some impact in some cases. But even if we moved towards more privatization and competition on the Production side, the "public" side (governments at all levels) still have an important oversight role - environmental, safety, employee health, pricing, service level agreements, etc. And those private entities have a 100% profit motive and have complete allegiance to investors rather than citizens/consumers. Their only goal is to make as much money as possible. So as a concept, t-shirt or bumper sticker "get government out of energy" or anything else sounds good. But I personally believe there are times when that might not make sense and it is certainly not simple to execute. Just my observations.
  10. Just had Ilox installed - right by the pawn shop and El Pechugon in the second block above the carratera (Marcos Castellanos). Really nice guys - they called to confirm the address when they were ready. Ilox had called two days ago to confirm the day & time. They got here when they were scheduled. Quick install (about 20 minutes) and very smooth. I'm getting 75+ down and 20-25 up. VERY happy with the service and obviously the speed.
  11. REC

    Smart IPTV App

    You will need to load ExpressVPN on the Firestick - here is a link - https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/setup-amazon-fire-stick-fire-tv/
  12. And even if your insurance agent tells you that you are covered and don't need to keep your registration current, the policy and or the interpretation from the insurance company may be different. Your insurance agent represents the insurance company and sells you the policy, provides some services but does not adjust or pay claims. No matter what they tell you even if it is in writing. If they tell you that your are "covered" without current registration and they are wrong, the insurance company might not pay. Your recourse would be to file a law suit against your agent. Good look with that. And in addition to the insurance issues you could have your car confiscated in some cases. At a minimum you would almost definitely have more of a hassle. Again, seems kind of crazy to me to take a chance when having current registration is pretty easy and inexpensive. Definitely a personal decision.
  13. You definitely need auto insurance in Mexico as others have said. And travel insurance is the most practical way to get medical insurance for your drive down and until you get insurance in place down here on a more long term bases. You may have some coverage in Mexico if you still have U.S. health insurance but make sure you understand exactly what it will do and what it will not do for you in Mexico. Even if you have coverage from your U.S. insurance you may have to pay out of pocket in Mexico and file a claim for reimbursement. Also, while you are driving down you will have "some" coverage while on the Cuotas (toll roads). Not a substitute for any of the above but keep your receipts when you pay your tolls. Enjoy your trip!
  14. As many people have said you can "probably" get away with not keeping your vehicle tags current. And you "might" even have success in filing an insurance claim - especially if it is reasonably small. However, if you have a serious accident with lots of damage and especially if people are seriously injured or even killed you might have a problem. In the event of major expenses the insurance company might look for any excuse to avoid paying. I appreciate what insurance agents and even lawyers who don't specialize in insurance law have to say. But the insurance company (not the agent) has the final say based on the insurance policy which is actually a contract. I would want to read the specific insurance policy and review relevant case law. So you can probably be just fine with not keeping your car tags up to date. But for $30-$50 per year why take a chance? Just my opinion based on relevant experience. I wouldn't take the risk myself to save a few bucks or prove a point.
  15. I use ExpressVPN and have for several years. I have to play with which server to select every once in a while but I have always been able to get USA Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  16. Go see Ana at the independent Telcel store near Alex's Pasta just across the side street from Plaza Bugambillas. Lot's of choices, very knowledgeable and great service.
  17. I think this is a "work in progress" but that happens all over the world. For a couple of years I was still working in the U.S. while my wife lived here full time. I came and went more than 10 times a year on Tourist Cards without any problems. I always got 180 days and had no problems getting another one each time I flew back and forth. One of the 2-3 times we drove back and forth we were in line in Nuevo Laredo getting our Tourist Card and dealing with our car. A couple came in and got into a bit of an argument with an INM agent. Didn't catch the details but they were quite rude - the couple, not the INM officer. He gave them only 90 days and refused to consider anything else. I quietly suggested to them that they might consider calming down and take the 90 days or they might wind up with 30 days - or be refused entry into Mexico. They didn't appreciate my advice and were still arguing when we left. Never saw that any other time but it is their country and the Mexican immigration officers don't seem to be required to give you 180 days. A smile, respect and a positive attitude goes along way here. It seems logical the the Tourist Card is intended for occasional visits to Mexico. You know, being a tourist. For several years there have been rumors about problems getting back to back Tourist Cards but I have never heard of that happening. It certainly could. After all it is their country and they can change or apply the rules as they see fit. It is unlikely that you will have problems but as you have purchased a house it seems to make sense to move towards Temporal and ultimately Prmanente. Welcome to lakeside. Hope you come to love it as much as we do.
  18. I have had very good experiences here in Mexico including triple bypass surgery and a pacemaker. Here are the doctors that I have used - My primary care physician is Dr. Carlos Garcia at Clinica Maskaras. He visited me at home during my recovery from heart surgery and was very involved and helpful during my recovery. http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/MaskarasClinic My cardiologist is Dr. Ramon Garcia. He also has a practice at Lakeside as well as an office in Guadalajara. His son is also a cardiologist who fairly recently returned from practicing and teaching in France. Dr. Ramon Garcia also visited me at home during my recovery and works closely with Dr. Carlos Garcia. I fainted on Easter Sunday a couple of years ago and went to Clinica Maskaras. They called Dr. Ramon Garcia and he came to the clinic. He wound up driving me into Guadalajara and got me checked into Hospital San Javier. La Cristina #25 – Phone 766 4622 (Saturdays) Emergency – 333 157 4741 (I've called him on his cell phone more than once and he has always answered and been very responsive) Email – dr_ramong@yahoo.com http://grupo.medice.es/dr-ramon-garcia-garcia/ Both Drs. Garcia are involved and will see patients at the new hospital in San Antonio/Riberas across from the Chula Vista golf club. My surgery was done by Dr. Beningo Ferreira. Dr. Ferreira also practice in Europe before returning to Mexico about the same time as Dr. Ricardo Garcia. https://www.topdoctors.mx/doctor/benigno-ferreira-pina For me the entire team made a pretty tough experience tolerable and I got great results. Follow up is extremely important. A final part of my recovery was physical therapy. https://www.ulloapt.com/testimonials A very personal decision and lots of options here and in the U.S. This process and team saved my life.
  19. We use Jesus Tejeda as our agent. His office is in Guadalajara but he has many clients at lakeside and is here quite often. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive. 01-333-35631300 045-333-667-0499 (His cell # and probably the best way to reach him) New email address jesus@tejedainsurance.com I have had some serious health issues including skin cancer and our plan has responded very well. Premiums do go up every year but wouldn't be without it. Give Jesus a call and see what he has to offer.
  20. Cost of living is higher here than other parts of Mexico. Workers need to and expect to make more than in other places. We have had the same housekeeper for 13 years with no problems whatsoever. Same gardener for 10 years with the same great experience. On the other hand our first gardener was very difficult to deal with and was always asking for more money, loans that he couldn't pay back, etc. We got rid of him with a lawyer's help and paid him exactly what he was owed in severance. Not a big deal at all. We fully recognize that we are very lucky and that others have had very different experiences. Same thing happens all over the world. Luckily there are options and each of us needs to figure out what works for them.
  21. Depends on which app/streaming service you load. Firestick is an Android device and there are tons of options. I don't use mine that way so don't have a specific recommendation but the service I use for sports has a guide. Google is your friend. Lots of options.
  22. I am one of the 300 prepaid customers and look forward to being connected. I am very optimistic and no matter what level of service they are able to provide it can't be worse than our other options around here. They offered two packages/speeds and 60 down/15 up is close to the speed of one of the packages . In fact that lower plan was 50 down and they planned to give early signups 75. If I get 60/15 I will be thrilled. This is a really great thing for our community. Thanks to Ted for getting this rolling. I'm a happy guy.
  23. Replying to Alpha1's question to Karl Crabkiller - They have two different modems available and I "think" they were the same price. I took the one Ana recommended which is Alcatel. The main difference is that this one has two LAN ports for wired/Ethernet connection while the other one didn't if I remember correctly. The Alcatel modem will also accept two external antennas which I am not currently using but plan to try out over the weekend. I don't know if the other modem had that feature as I didn't really look at it.
  24. Just signed up for the Telcel Internet en Su Casa service with Ana at the Telcel store near Alex's. Absolutely fabulous service. Ana Maria Romero H, 376 766 1254/331 411 9100 I signed up for a plan that includes a modem for use in the house and a new SIM card to go in my phone. Got the modem the same day - although she said it could take a day or two. She called me and told me when it was ready. She even came back to the store at 7pm last night for me to pick it up. She spent some time going through all the setup details. VERY thorough and complete explanation. The new SIM card will be available on Monday as the are porting over the number from my existing Telcel plan so I can keep the same number. One option is the two year contract with the modem costing $2000 pesos. The cost is included in the monthly bill. Another option - and the one I used - is to pay $2500 pesos for the modem up front and then a 3 month commitment. Paid for the modem, three months at $399/month some of which is a deposit. Walkout total was around $3700. I start paying the $399/month in March with the remaining deposit to be applied it the end if & when I cancel. Got home and had it setup in about 5 minutes. Couldn't have been easier. And the service Ana provided could not have been better. Definitely the go to place.
  25. The second place mentioned is on Marcos Castellanos -- next street west of the Oxxo. Same street as the church but above the highway. Pawn shop and El Pechugon on the corner with the caraterra.
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