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  1. I need someone familiar with WordPress to make a minor edit to my website. I know how to make basic changes but cannot even locate the form that I need edit it when I go to the pages tab on WordPress. My website only has four pages and I have edited this page before.
  2. San Antonio. It was a text that appeared on my phones home screen automatically. Said wifi will be down till tomorrow including surrounding areas.
  3. I just received a message from Tel Mex that their wifi will be down in this area for the next day or two... and it is! I am so glad I am getting my new ATT wireless modem this afternoon and wont have to deal with “Hell Mex”
  4. I am getting super fast internet speed with the new AT&T por casa wireless internet modem. Yes these screen shots are real. The bottom one @ 31.91 download speed is with ATT. The top one is two minutes later through my TelMex router @ 2.75 download speed. 1 You must have a Temporal or Permanente visa or be a Mexican citizen to qualify. 2. The contract is for 30 months! 3., They will NOT lease the modem and it costs $2100 pesos regardless of what their website says 4 They have plenty of modems in stock at the store in Centra Laguna Plaza in San Antonio 5 They have two plans 10 mg and 5 mg speed and data is capped each month and the speed will drop to 2 mg if you go over the limit. 5 Your speed will vary depending on your location I suggest Buying a $100 p. SIM card for your phone and testing your speed before signing up. 6 I am not a spokesperson for ATT and do not have any answers for anything beyond what I have posted here, but to me this was a NO Brainer! I actually had to find another provider as TelMex does not support TSL encryption which is required for my work. This program is brand new for Mexico and I could not be happier!
  5. What is the area code for Mike the Computer Guy please?
  6. I am looking for recommendations on where to buy smoked whitefish to take home. Preferably in Ajijc or San Antonio but anyplace will do. Thanks
  7. I am in need of someone local to help design some graphics for a new start up business. Business cards, logo and advertising PDF. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  8. That is good thank you. . I will go to LCS on Wednesday.
  9. Looking for a good reputable skin doctor Lakeside just to check out a few moles without insurance.
  10. Walmart has No Sodium chicken broth crystals.
  11. I just ordered from Jessica whi also delivered my food. Got Emma’s soup and sandwich. Very good service and food was here in about 30 minutes. Hopefully they will get some more restaurants signed up! Was only 40 pesos delivery to San Antonio!
  12. HSBC is right around the corner and is always higher than CiBanco. They usually pay the highest rate when I check the website.
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