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Last week a lady who wanders about Ajijic handed off a small dog to my friend Marcos. She begged him to take the dog, claiming it to be a stray and she has too many dogs already. Marcos took the dog, kinda caught unawares. The dog had a long hanging choke chain so Marcos surmised the dog must have a home so turned him loose. The dog would have nothing of it. He instantly bonded to Marcos. He would not come to me, only Marcos. We even shut him outside of our rental lot while we worked but he stayed right there. The dog followed Marcos back to my house after work and, unfortunately my dog would not let him in. 

When Marcos went home the dog followed him. He left him outside but he was still there in the morning. I've never seen a dog bond with a person so instantly and steadfastly. Marcos decided it was meant to be and decided to keep him. I gave him a spare leather collar and leash. We walked the dogs together as a get acquainted measure and both behaved perfectly. Marcos used my outdoor sink to wash and brush a ton of grime from the little dog. His boys loved the dog. He was given the name Buster.

Last Sunday the dog vanished while walking off leash with Marcos and his boys. They were on the bike path near Rio Chamela (corn fields). They figure he finally decided to go back home or....?

It would be nice to know what became of this nice little dog. If you know of anyone who had their dog disappear for several days and show up with a new collar and bathed or maybe someone who picked him up as a stray, give a shout out. I guess him to be 2 to 3 years old.BUSTER2.thumb.jpg.89a6a342e1134172f011ba490f4ab014.jpgBUSTER1.thumb.jpg.5697ed5e84ceba6c471f8d35715de92b.jpg

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Update; After a thorough search, my buddy found his dog tied up in a yard. He had been grabbed off the street. The grabber demanded 300 pesos to release him. I suggested 100 and he won't be charged with extortion which he instantly agreed to.

Buster is now happy with his new family and won't be walking off leash again.

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