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  1. If I were to ever be in Mexico city again ( which I won't) I agree.
  2. Wheelchair service with any airline I've used has to be reserved at the time of booking the flight
  3. I give more for departures becasue they have to take more time with you. Also depends.... national or international flights. Never less than $100.... and depending, up to $200 minimum. If they do something extra for me along way I add to that for extra service. Returns because I NEVER have checked baggage between $50 and $100 minimum. They receive NO pay from airport, and have to kick back some of what they get in order to be able to "work" there.
  4. Not when they get to see info on INE, DL, etc. And ML is right.... they for sure would deny the claim based on false information.
  5. Only reporting results ( 4 companies pay by km) for others who might be interested in this option. Turns out NONE want me becasue I'm 80 regardless of perfect driving record..... while some on the road at 65 are a threat to themselves and all others. Elder abuse!! Elder abuse!! 🙃 Anyway back to usual agent/company who don't discriminate that way.
  6. My quote from Clupp would actually be Qualitas..... and what's interesting is it's much cheaper even if paid annually vs quote I got from my local agent via Qualitas. Still pondering all angles. Thanks for your input my friends.
  7. You being American don't feel it as much as Canadians do---- here OR there!
  8. I know this has been covered slightly before, but I'm shopping now and miitio.com apparently doesn't cover my very normal 2015 Versa ( not in "their" list" ???). With 2,500 km per year ( yes---- 9 years old with under 31,000 km) I think this is the way to go IF I can be confident with what's being offered. Have a quote from Clupp and one coming from AXA. More ideas anyone? Gracias
  9. With CAD against the peso long past a free-fall, it's getting pretty scary out there. ATM rate today according to oanda is $ 11.87 pesos per CAD.
  10. Oh come on my friend. You know better than that! What vialidad or other police person cares what an ENGLISH language paper, aimed at expat community, says.... even if he/she can read it?
  11. I guess that depends.... how big are the windows, which direction do they face, how many of them......?
  12. If it's still there, it's the kind 🚳 ... with arrows where this bicycle is........ not a worded sign. Don't take cell when out locally so pix won't come from me.
  13. From Humane Society of Loudoun Country...... "...Second, keep your pets indoors. .....your pet can suffer eye damage by staring directly at the sun (just the same as you can)....." From the Yucatan Times...... ".....According to veterinarian Adriana Paz Paredes Casas, it is unlikely that animals would instinctively look at the sun. Nevertheless, parents should supervise children to ensure they do not force animals to look directly at the sun during the event.....Animals’ eyes are not equipped to withstand the retinal damage that can occur........" The only scenarios I can picture is if one was walking their dog during the event (2) the dog might follow your lead to see what it is you're looking at ( ours would), or (2) you're walking in a direction that would expose the dog's eyes. Better safe than sorry IMO
  14. Unless they're removed the sign up high, yes there is. It has arrows pointing LEFT but definitely shows NO for straight ahead. Ferret it took me a while to figure it out, but in fact there IS an easier way for you. Go straight thru at actual light exactly at Walmart. Immediately put your left turn signal on ( and stick your arm out as well). You are allowed to turn left into that same lane on far side of AuroZone as long as traffic coming has space or someone lets you in. Ashamed to say I used to blow my horn at people who did this until I realized there's NO sign there prohibiting left turns off carretera there. THAT SAID, have not been there since this weekend's trial by fire, so................
  15. Not from the way you described it in earlier post. You said ".... Go east and make the first right turn down. Go a short distance down and turn right. You are now heading west. Drive straight ahead up the hill and go straight and make a left turn into Walmart. " That IS in fact a one-way heading EAST..... and those coming up that little hill are going against what is one way. By entering Walmart at very first right, you re ALSO contravening one-way rule, becasue that is supposed to be an exit only..
  16. Also Easter vacation time ergo more traffic as visitors flock to the area.
  17. IF you are interested in the process: Samsung Smart TV purchased July 2021 Original remote ( this was important). STEPS to reset: ( I found them VERY weird) 1. Unplug electric connection back of TV. 2. Press down manual start button on TV and hold 30 seconds. 3. Plug TV in again. 4. Remove batteries from remote. 5. Press "on" button and hold 30 seconds. 6. Put batteries back in remote. 7. Turn on TV with either remote ( if it will) or manual "on" button. DONE!!!!!
  18. UPDATE: Figured out that none of the remotes I was looking at (Amaz or ML) matched the exact last 3 letters of TV model number ( made IN Mexico). Phoned Samsung Mexico. LONG conversation ( Spanish) with very patient young man. In the end he talked me thru what I can only assume was a factory reset......... and then he remotely accessed the TV itself to confirm all was good. Even stayed on the line while I wrote down the steps to take for the next time......... YES!!!!!!!!!
  19. Yes I know about him and we've used him but if it's only the remote it'll be easier to just get it on Amazon. But thank you
  20. Having issues with remote ( not that old). Lately, sometimes will turn TV on or off, but sometimes won't ( either way) plus only sometimes sound control won't work. Have checked ALL elec connections. Yes, I CAN turn on with button underneath TV and yes I've tried new batteries. Yes little red light flashes within remote itself. Found correct one on Amazon but before I buy, an other ideas? Thanks in advance
  21. What has that got to do with YOU, MC? You're not a Mexican and you can well afford to give a hard-working guy a little appreciation for "safe home".
  22. Blanket, you are making the HUGE assumption that IMSS will even take you!!!!! HIGHLY unlikely. Then you're assuming there won't be a MAJOR wait time for costlier things...... and any pre- existing conditions ( such as you've stated you have), would be excluded forever anyway.
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