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  1. I flew recently on Alaska Airlines with wheelchair and service dog. Alaska air requested a Department of Transport certificate for the dog which I easily acquired online. She rode with me in the aircraft. Not once did anyone request her health certificate nor vaccination schedule but I had them ready.
  2. I use geckos and mantids. and the JR gets the cockroaches.
  3. "applying jake brakes unnecessary, apparently to make noise. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW IF IT IS NECESSARY OR NOT? WHAT WOULD BE THEIR MOTIVE TO "MAKE NOISE"?" Going up slight incline. Brap, Brap. Been around lots of truckers and trucks my whole life. As noted see examples of responsible driving in same zone. Incredibly, I can recognize when someone is driving too fast. Mind boggling isn't it? 'apparently'
  4. Many truckers are driving dangerously and with excessive speed on the Carretera west of Ajijic. And yes they are applying jake brakes unnecessary, apparently to make noise. There are many responsible truckers not doing this. This is on the flats. When I was travelling with my motorhome, staying at truck stops, I found Mexican truckers to be the best and most polite I had encountered in North America so I don't know what's up with this local sloppy driving.
  5. For what it is worth, they have my vote; very professional and listen.
  6. I may be incorrect but I believe the insurance is for 400,000 investment currency units (UDIs) which fluctuate in value but are currently valued at 7.6 so if I am correct a deposit of about 3 million pesos is covered. https://www.banxico.org.mx/SieInternet/consultarDirectorioInternetAction.do?accion=consultarCuadro&idCuadro=CP150&locale=en https://www.gob.mx/ipab/articulos/informacion-para-el-publico-ahorrador-de-accendo-banco?idiom=es
  7. The soil in the area, as Natasha has stated, varies widely from lot to lot. Some lots were built up from fill of who knows what. In my case, the home was built 25 years prior to my purchase and there is a large avocado tree which can live to 400 years indicating some original soil base. I am accustomed to non-chemical living soil gardening. However it seems the previous owners used mostly chemical inputs for fertilizers and pest/disease control. We seeded alfalfa and applied organic matter & compost; started worm bins, applied compost tea; used soapy spray; coconut oil to fight pests and fungus. It took about 2 to 3 years to fully transition to living soil and now there are abundant earthworms, rolly-pollies and microorganisms in the soil. There is an increased population of predator insects like praying mantis. Plants appear healthier than previously. For further interest here is a link to an article I wrote some years back; http://microbeorganics.com/#Living_Soil It can be difficult to evaluate soil pH. To do so accurately, one needs to mix a soil sample with distilled water and use pH strips or a good quality meter which is freshly calibrated. With living soil checking pH of soil is mostly unnecessary. My hydrangea plant tells me the soil where she lives is some acid; some alkaline with pink and bluish flowers.
  8. Seems a smattering of some yes, some no. Almost like the info about taking my power wheelchair. Customer service for Alaska Air said it is too big so I took it to the airport to get the answer. Alaska staff said no problem. I'll give up trying online find out about the form when I leave.
  9. Departing, not arriving. So the FMM form is being used at every airport in Mexico, except GDL? Somehow, I doubt this.
  10. I am looking at the FMM form to fill in on line and for airport selection I do not see Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla nor GDL Guadalajara in the list. Does anyone know if it has some other name?
  11. My only tip/suggestion might be, don't buy a place which has a board of directors, unless you are into that sort of thing. I bought a little house in a mostly Mexican neighborhood in Ajijic and although a little noisy, I can get to the grocery store in 2 minutes or restaurant in 1, garbage pick up is daily, water reliable, connected to sewer, so no potential septic issues. IMO, 'nice homes' are nice for rich people and I ain't one.
  12. They are fine. I've had lots of keys cut there.
  13. I registered a trailer and was obliged to make an appointment, several months ago.
  14. I've also had successful injections from the younger Dr. Gonzales - Ross. He is good. My whole body is a train wreck😎
  15. It is very difficult on a bicycle - moto to have eyes in 4 directions on the bicycle path and dangerous when cars pull across it with the driver only looking the other way. It is also dangerous when motorists stop to let one cross the Carretera. There are too many variables, especially at an intersection. A car can pull out to pass the stopped vehicle, a car can try turning from either cross street, not to mention traffic coming from the other direction. Even if your heart says do it, please don't stop.
  16. Milkweed assassin bugs larvae look very similar to leaf-footed bugs larvae which can devastate your garden. https://newhanover.ces.ncsu.edu/2018/07/do-i-squash-it/ I just had them in my squash.
  17. I did not go the hospital which P thinks I did BTW. He must have done so much work to be able to judge all the ophthalmologists in GDL to know who is the best.
  18. No idea what you are talking about regarding show rooms. I saw a Walmart on one side and electronics store (I think) on the other. My procedure was outpatient, just that I got to relax and change in a private room. Because of my disability; cannot bend, I need a bed to get undressed/dressed. I do not know if this is available at the clinic. Also, I require a specialist to hit my veins for IV due to Arthrogryposis. Thankfully they have one on staff at the hospital who was called after several failures by two nurses. Besides all that, my total cost was about 20,000 to 30,000 (maybe 40) pesos less than if I went with Dr. Claudia for the same lenses (including topography). Perhaps a little thought prior to jumping to ridicule with your posts may be in order?
  19. Amazon is your friend for computer parts or https://www.cyberpuerta.mx/
  20. I ended up buying parts and repairing my PC myself after local repair people came up just slightly short. Adrian at 331 064 8578 in Ajijic demonstrated the most knowledge through messages exchanged with me.
  21. For those who may be unaware, Dr. Claudia has an office separate from the eye clinic in Guadalajara. I was examined by her there because I cannot climb steps. I opted for my surgery done by Dr. Garrido at Puerta De Hierro Sur, which was a perfect experience, with private room pre and post procedure, an anesthesiologist who emailed with me ahead of time to learn of my prior experience. I had eyes done separately; Zeiss (AT LISA) trifocal lenses at 42,000 pesos each all in.
  22. Chrysler Aspen 2008 Jalisco plated $110,000 MXN 111,623 km Hemi engine 5.7 (345 cu. in.) automatic - 2 wheel drive - dependable vehicle Power gate and seats I bought a 4x4 lower for entry so selling this - email; thegoodjob@hotmail.com
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