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Is there an english speaking attorney other than Lakeside that . . . .

Eric Blair

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2 hours ago, Mary Jane said:

Can you PM me? I want to know more about your experience with her. 

This is an ongoing situation and I will not comment until the suits are resolved.   I will simply say - she did not provide the services she charged us for. 

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On 11/4/2021 at 6:57 PM, Constance said:

Try this attorney, you cannot go wrong with her:

maria de las nieves solbes <neus_sol@yahoo.com>


I believe that she is the best lawyer lakeside.

You can find her ad in the October issue of the Ojo del Lago, page 13

Neus is across the north/south street from Mom's restaurant. Bilingual.

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On 12/15/2021 at 11:19 AM, ibarra said:

She is no longer at that location.  Please refer to other posts about her.  Again... our fraccionamiento has a civil and a criminal case against her.   

Who is this she?

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On 11/29/2019 at 4:01 PM, Gerry said:

Well said. Defaming professionals is destructive and usually can be traced to a competitor or unreasonably unable client.😠

Gerry, you are totally, 100% wrong. Any comment(s) from me are general; if they are as to a specific person, I will name the person. Making a negative review of anyone, including attorneys, vets, plumbers, doctors, etc. is now legal here and has been for many years.

Look up the history of the laws here on defamation.

Anything can turn on the words used.

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